the notion

Oliver was beginning to think he made women crazy and not in a good way. He found himself at Nelson's working on those shelves he'd promised him.

A part of him could have used some of Nelson's finest, but he'd have to do without. For good. He'd made a promise to Bex and then to his job. No, there would be no trouble from him, and Nelson understood that. Business was as good as ever at the high school and those at the retirement home trusted him dearly as well.

"So we're good." Oliver needed to know, "you're not mad at me?"

"Hell, no." Nelson just smiled. "I knew you had to grow up, sometime."

Oliver just nodded.

"Do you suppose Bex is just angry at Max, instead of me?" It was just a thought buzzing around in his head as he measured wood and cut it and got the power tools ready to assemble the piece for Nelson's livingroom. It would be a built in. Look as if it belonged there or at least Oliver hoped.

"I dunno. Hard to say, little man."

"I thought you'd say that," Oliver sighed. "I mean, I suppose I'd be angry if my sibling never was honest with me about some things. You know, like he doesn't want Bex to know how he really is about certain things and he's got like a double life going on."

"A double life, now that's interesting."

"I don't think Max wants it to be interesting," Oliver nodded.

"Maybe he doesn't want Bex judging him," Nelson said as he held up boards for Oliver to attack with the nail gun.

"But she wouldn't," Oliver winced.

"Oh, but she would." Nelson grinned. Oliver was beginning to think Nelson knew Bex better than he did.


taffy. said...

Nelson is the all-knowing omniscient narrator.
it's official.

dapper kid said...

Lol so true, Nelson is pretty intuitive.

Ivy said...

Nelson, priceless.

Elle♥Madame said...

would she???? *ponders*

Natalie! said...

Would she judge him? I'm not sure! There's Oliver, but then there's Nelson.... and Nelson does seem to be the "all-knowing omniscient narrator" as Taffy said, haha. I guess we'll find out!