sexy back

Bex wasn't all to sure what was going on with Oliver and Chris. Then for him to make a phone call to her brother.

"Was that about your sister?" It had been weeks since she'd left. And it had been weeks with Oliver in his new position at the library. Things were almost perfect. She worked with him on the night he worked. It was bliss. Not a reference librarian in sight.

And she was beginning to think she'd changed. Possibly. People were starting to flirt with her. Some old man had just asked her if there were Playboy magazines to check out. "We don't keep those. Not even for the booksale." She assured him.

Then she heard him say under his breath that he would sure buy one if her picture was in it. Bex knew any other time she would have screamed at that man for treating women like objects, but at the moment she couldn't help but smile. She almost said, "Thank you."

But back to Oliver's sister. No it wasn't about her. Chris was going to help Max out with something. He didn't say what.

"It'll be all right," Oliver smiled. And she knew if they would have been anywhere else he would have kissed her. She was so glad they worked together on the quietest night of the week, Thursday. Everyone was either watching must see TV or getting ready for the weekend.

"Do you think I'm any sexier?" She then asked him because she just remembered the middle schooler who had informed her of this which took her by surprise and then when the Hawaiian fellow who always checked out cookbooks assured the middle schooler that he was. Bex just smiled. But of course, she didn't know why.

"Sexier?" Oliver couldn't help but give her an open smile then. "Bex, you're always sexy."

"Yeah, but you see me everyday," she told him.

"I wonder why?" He then gave her an impish glare and she blushed.

She hoped nothing was wrong with her. Was it obvious to everyone that she was so in love? It couldn't be anything else, could it?


taffy. said...

it can't.

but it's moments like these that freak me out because I know that soon, they're going to have to start fighting.

Anonymous said...

the story just keeps on getting better

lauren n laleh said...

very mysterious.

http://lalehnlauren.blogspot.com/ said...

opps..here's my link.

autumn said...

feeling insecure? lol @ Bex.

dawn said...

she's drawing attraction from others because she feels it herself within herself.....inner power. seems like she's trying to figure it out.