when a drink won't do

When Chris got back to his place, he didn't find a note from Dayton, but he just knew he was off with Nancy.

He left Dayton's Jack Daniels on the kitchen counter. Chris wasn't going to wait up for him. He hadn't gotten any rum for himself. There was a time when he drank spiced rum for every occasion. Now he'd get some of that watered down rum he could drink straight. Usually, though, he just put that in his Pepsi.

But at the moment he didn't feel like drinking at all.

Something had come over him. And it made him feel nausea and woozy at the same time. He found Max intoxicating. God, he hoped and prayed now he didn't show it. He wasn't one to show his feelings, anyway.

They'd gone out to the garden together and put the snake out. Of course, it was so dark neither knew where the snake went. Of course, Chris supposed Max didn't know he was gazing at him, either. Funny, how he still sense Max's warmth near him and he knew that was enough. It had to be enough. It would be enough.

And now that he was so alone. He wanted to keep it that way. It was easy for him to slip under the radar. But Max kept coming back with lines like, "Now if you have nothing to do on a Saturday morning, come on down to the coffee shop and have breakfast with me." Chris knew he meant it as some sort of bible study. He might make him read from the Bible and that was just something he couldn't do. Everyone would see how he couldn't make words come out of his mouth when he read them.

It was a nice thought to see him. But he couldn't be there. He couldn't got to church. Someone just might want him to do something. What would he be able to do? People would start to wonder he wasn't right in the head. How in the hell did he ever get out of school? It would just be awful.

But thinking of Max was still a happy thought. It wasn't so much that he really wanted him all to himself. But the idea that he could be that wholesome and content. It was just a dream, but he loved to dream it. And as long as it was in his head, he could forget about this whole Dayton thing. It would just fade away. It would. It always did.

Just then his cell rang. He'd been laying on his bare bed all this time pondering what an awful person he was. Capable of nothing.

"Hey, Chris," It was Max. "You ever work on furnace?"

"Just my own."

"Well, I couldn't even tell you the last time this one at the church actually worked. Would you mind taking a look at it?"

"Right now?" He took a deep breath.

"No, tomorrow would be just fine," Max said. "I'm gonna be praying you can fix it."

"Well, I'll try." Chris couldn't help but smile. Nobody had ever prayed for him before.


Cate said...

Hey Cait - now I've caught up with this story too. Wow, I didn't think Chris would find Max fascinating. I wonder if Max will notice. I like Max though!

autumn said...

Chris has bitten by smitten. i smell love. lol.

Natalie! said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I missed like three posts! XP

Aww, I love Chris! I can't wait to see what will happen when he goes to fix the furnace at the church. I wonder if Max will notice Chris's feelings towards him..

taffy. said...

(said with the a more pronounced as an "oh")

gossip guy said...

I wonder how Max feels about him..though..hmmmm...

Nisey♥Smooches said...

thanks i will :)

justkyut said...

woeehhh.. cris is.. is... is... in love with Max... Good thing though so that that maniac Dayton will not drag cris in doing no good deeds. Then Dayton will be left alone.

Go on cris, go with Max.. exciting!

dawn said...

sometimes it's more fun...the wanting rather than the having...memory or reget? i dunno...:)

Darling Dears. said...

wow, Chris is taking me by surprise.
hah :)