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It was a beautiful bed, and Bex awoke smiling. She wasn't sure she was in the same place, anymore. There was nothing of Dayton left, and she wasn't really sad with guilt like she thought she'd be.

Honestly, she thought she'd wake up a realise that she'd made a mistake. She'd crossed the line, but no she didn't feel bad. No, she was going to get up and make pancakes. It was going to be a beautiful Sunday morning, and she was going to do something nice for Oliver.

As of yet she had not made him anything. He'd done all the cooking. He'd done practically everything. So she got on her blue fluffy robe and crept out of the room. Oliver didn't budge. She was surprised.

She went on to make coffee then got out the bacon and eggs along with the pancake mix. It was one of those fresh fall mornings. She opened up the kitchen to let the hint of winter creep in as she started to cook.

Of course, she had to have a cup of coffee first.

Finally, she got the bacon on and noticed a free Sunday morning newspaper out front. Bex went out to get it. Just as she bent over she noticed a dusty pair of work boots practically in her face. She looked up then wide eyed. It was her brother, Max.

"Are you sure you should be out here looking like this?" He smirked.

She cringed a little holding the paper over her heart as if she might start the pledge allegiance.

"What are you doing here? Mom said you were coming, but I didn't think you were already here?" She was a bit timid, but finally she gave him a quick hug. "Come in, I think I'm burning bacon!"

She ran as quickly as she could back to the stove. Luckily, the bacon was just a tad brown and not black.

Max poured himself a cup of coffee.

"Thought I'd surprise you first," Max shrugged as his dark bangs fell across his face. "So how are you two doing?"

"Just perfectly.... well." Bex scrapped the bacon from the skillet and turned it over. The bacon stuck on both sides.

Maybe Max would forget what Dayton looked like, exactly. Or even his name.

"That was sweet of you two not wanting anything like a huge wedding. Just getting married. Starting off from scratch. That's guts." Max was all smiles going on about a story his mother told him.

"It wasn't all that hard," she bit her bottom lip.

"I kept your picture." He got it right out of his front shirt pocket. "Its been with me to the jungle and everything."

Bex gave up on the bacon and cut the heat.

"Listen, I never married Dayton." She hated these lies. It wasn't her who was horrible. It was her mother.

"What? You never married him?" Max looked hurt as he leaned there at her kitchen counter sipping his black coffee.

"I'm glad I didn't, Max." Bex looked at her brother. "But there is someone. And, just don't be mad at me."

"You have to take marriage seriously, you know. Its the foundation of-"

"What are you doing back here, anyway?" She cut him off before he got terribly religious.

"Why? You don't know?" He almost laughed. "I found myself a church. It was calling me. It needs a tremendous amount of work, but if I pray about it enough, I know it'll get done and I'll have the best congregation this town has ever seen."

"Oh." God, she hoped he didn't expect her to join, but she had a feeling he did. "Its Sunday morning, shouldn't you be preaching or something?" She had to get him out of here before Oliver got up.

"Not until ten."

"But you've got a sermon to look over and all."

"No, it comes to me quite naturally." He made it sound as if he just opened his mouth and a sermon fell out.

"Listen, you get ready for this service, and I promise I'll come. I will." She nodded quickly.

"Weren't you going to make breakfast for me?"

"I-I can't. I really need to find my bible and get ready. You know." She gave him a quick grin.

"You don't know how much this means to me," Max smiled. "And you could sing."

"Sing? No, no," she shook her head a bit scared of the thought. "What I will do is bring Oliver with me. Yes, I want you to meet Oliver."

"Are you saying you want me to marry you and this Oliver?" Max squinted with a smile.

"No. Yes. Maybe. Not today." She felt so nervous now. What if Oliver just came in here like a nudist. He could. It was very well possible. He didn't like sleeping in clothes. Sometimes, he liked to get his coffee without anything on.

"Fine." Max put down his coffee cup. "But you mean it, you be there at Serenity. Today."

"Uh huh." She nodded. Hoping she didn't hear Oliver in the bathroom. She didn't want Max to know he was here.

"Good to see you, sis," Max smile giving her a kiss on the cheek then as he left.

Bex had no idea where the Serenity church was.


UmassSlytherin said...

lol love the ending of this chapter. I have to say I love Bex and I love Oliver and I love Max! (and I want to have sex with Chris! heheh)

regarding Max, I love this so much: I have to say that my own two brothers are my best friends in the whole world. Brothers are very important, and I'm glad to see this relationship here.

awesome job! I love reading this story so much. It is very emotional and the characters are just beautiful.

Cate said...

Pancakes! Bex has such great ideas!

Oh! Max! (I like that name, by the way) Oh no, why did Bex's mother tell him she was MARRIED to Dayton??? (Bex and Max, that rhymes ^^)
Glad Bex told Max the truth.
LOL I love max's religiousness ^^
"he opened his mouth and a sermon fell out" - I laughed so much ^^

autumn said...

i'm going to like Max. he's cute. lol.

Ivy said...

aw..how could she do that to Max. Can't wait for more.

Ivy said...

aw..how could she do that to Max. Can't wait for more.

Darling Dears. said...

keep posting!

Darling Dears. said...

keep posting!