Oliver was sure she'd started without him. He hadn't expected to wake up and have her right there. And there was definitely no tickling involved, but something else.

He smiled to her touch. Although, he wasn't sure what Bex wanted him to say. He just kissed her in spite of bad morning breath. She smiled, kissing his chest and downward. Oliver touched her cheek before she went further. He kissed her again and thought it best to touch her more, that really he wasn't expecting anything, but she got on top, anyway. And he really did enjoy looking at her from that angle. She definitely knew how to keep him happy.

"Anything going on today?" Oliver asked afterwards.

"My brother's here," Bex said as they cuddled.

"Here? He's here? And we just-"

"We have to go to church." Bex sighed.

"We?" He felt a slight headache coming on immediately.

"Yeah, I told him I would." Bex didn't look to happy about it. "I told him about Dayton, and I mentioned you. So you have to go."

"All right." Oliver was wide awake now. "When?"

"In about an hour." She sighed.

"Did you eat, already?"

"I burned the pancakes."

He'd notice a slight stench in the air, but he hadn't really thought it was from their house. Outside somewhere. Like old tires burning.

"OK?" He got up then. He felt horribly old for a second. His back was tight, and he was so glad he'd had sex on his back this morning, and Bex hadn't wanted any special manuvers. But he wasn't all that sure he'd be up for a sermon. "How long are these services, usually?" His teeth clenched as he stretched.

"I've never been to one, actually." She told him.

"Never been?" Oliver looked back at her then and noticed she was eyeing his butt and wasn't seriously thinking about where they had to go. "And your brother's a missionary?"

"Yeah, I know." Bex looked away and bit her bottom lip for a moment. "Mom was never that supportive. She keeps thinking its just a phase."

"A phase?" Oliver nodded. "Like you and me?"


Oliver squinted at his tense back once more. The thought of sitting hours on end just made him tired to think about. He'd done too much yesterday. Manuel labor was not exactly something he did every day. Oliver let out a sigh. He went on to the bathroom to shower.

Of course, when he got out. She had coffee and some, under-cooked pancakes for him. He didn't say how awful they were. He just ate them in silence.

Naturally, she looked as if she was ready for a funeral in her heavy black dress that came to her ankles.

"He's not Amish, is he?" Oliver gave her the look over.


"Well, you're gonna burn up in that." He blinked. "If you don't mind me saying."

"Actually, I don't even know where the church is. Serenity, he said."

"Serenity? You're sure it's not a spaceship?" He dipped his soggy slice of pancake in syrup and pushed it in his mouth.

"Don't make fun of my brother." Bex told him.

"I'm not." Oliver winced. "Its just, you don't even know what kind of religion it is. What kind of sister neglects to not know something like that?"

"Don't be mad at me." She went to change.

Oliver was sure if it was anyone who was mad, it was Bex.


Cate said...

Hehe Bex had to pacify Oliver before she told him they were going to church ^^
Pancakes=Old tires burning ^^ LOL
Haha I would've thought Max was AMish too if I saw Bex in her dress.
But it is weird - Bex doesn't even know what kind of religion it is. I hope it's not some kind of sect. But no, Max is much too nice for that.

autumn said...

lol @ bad morning breath, under-cooked pancakes, serenity's a spaceship. too funny.

Krosemarie said...

I like this post.... Very awesome!!! The pancake thing made me laugh, that was great


jules said...

kinda hot start but bad end. :( huhuhu

salve said...

nice blog. :)

UmassSlytherin said...

oh my goodness!!! she's making oliver go to church! he must really love her. hehehe!

well done!