hanging on

Bex brought sandwiches from Jimmy John's. Oliver was still on the phone with the cops. He looked a bit frazzled pacing about.

"Got your favorite," Bex gave Max the wrapped sandwich.


"That's you're favorite?" Bex acted as if she'd forgotten. "Of course, its tuna." Bex felt bad that she'd tried to tease him. It really wasn't a time to tease, anyone.

"Does he know anything?" Bex then asked about his sister, Izzy.

Max shook his head.

Finally, Oliver slapped his cell shut and came over to Bex. She kissed his cheek and gave him a hug.

"It can't be that bad, can it?" She looked at him.

"Probably not." His voice was low and he kept it at that.

"Here, have your turkey with avocado, it always cheers you up." She handed him his sandwich.

"I'm afraid I can't eat." He rubbed his fingers on his forehead.

"You can't just let her do this to you, you know that, don't you?" Bex sighed.

"Well, she does. She does this all the time." Oliver looked as if he might crumble. He finally sat down.

"Look, you're doing all that you can do, right now," Bex told him. "I think you need to eat, go home and get some rest. You have work tomorrow, remember."

"I remember," Oliver sighed opening his sandwich. He wrapped it back up immediately.

Naturally, Max prayed over his meal.

She caught Oliver staring at him. He looked so sad.

"This is just perfect," Oliver managed to say. "I should have been here. I should have."

"You can't just watch her like a child. She's a grownup. Its not like she's, you know completely handicapped."

"She doesn't think straight." Oliver frowned.

"What did she say to you on the phone?" Bex wanted to know.

"You don't want to know." Oliver shook his head.

"Come on, how bad could it be?" She sat with him in the livingroom on the old sofa.

"Something about a baby." Oliver winced.

"What? Was she sleeping around, Oliver?"

His eyes looked away from her. "Not that I know of." He pulled a sour face then.

"You know how the system works, they can only move so fast, but when they do, it'll get taken care of, Oliver." Max told him as he was finishing off his sandwich.

"Max was going to be a cop," Bex then mentioned. "But my Mom really hated the idea."

"She hated me being a missionary more." Max shrugged.

Oliver almost smiled. He got up and put the sandwich in the bag.

"Promise I'll eat it later," Oliver said. "You sure you'll be all right here, all by yourself?" He looked at Max as if maybe he really didn't want to be here.

Bex was afraid Oliver wouldn't come back with her.

"Sure, I've got Ginger to keep me company," Max said cleaning up. "Go, get some rest."

Bex wrapped her arms around Oliver. She hated seeing him like this.


ellie's eric said...

Yeah, I watched SKINS. Yeah.

Poor Oliver though.

Nisey♥Liite said...

wow this is making my adrenaline rise :)

Cady said...

Mannnn. Oliver. This is good. I wonder what comes next.

simon n josh said...

I'd probably feel like Olver too. not eating.

just Ivy said...

I do wonder where this is going. It would be fun to see how Max handles izzy.


hmmm, what is going 2b next f them???
...you know that the 'reveal' of the guessing-game is out... thanks for 'trying' to take part dear... Let me know what you think*...fun wasn't it?! Keep this story going dear...

autumn said...

me, too. i'm wondering. lol. but i'm in the mood to eat. maybe i can share my cup noodles to Ollie. lol.