getting a hold on things

Oliver went down to City just like Bex wanted and filled out the paperwork. Of course, it would be a good two weeks before there was any transition. "But we might make an exception." The personal director told him.

"An exception?" This scared Oliver a bit.

"Well, it just needs to be filled, and if the library director OK's it. I think you're in."

It was a short conversation. That was all Oliver needed to know. Still he didn't know how the director really felt about him.

But that wasn't why he needed to see Nelson after work.

"Do you need something?" Nelson smiled at him as if he could fix that. Oliver had waited outside on the porch to talk with him.

He was pacing around as if he really did need something from Nelson. Some good dope, perhaps.

"No, no," he shook his head. "I don't want any."

"Are you sick, man?"

"Could be." He could barely get the words out.

"What's this about?" Nelson looked him over. "Man, what did you do to your hair?"

"Its bath oil. Kind of...a mishap." Oliver still acted a tad nervous.

"A mishap?"

"I kind of drownd in the bathtub." Oliver was a bit closed lip about it.

"You what?"

"See, I just needed to talk to you. As a friend, I need a friend to talk too." His words shot out as if he needed more than someone to listen to. He needed someone to tell him what to do.

"We're friends?" Nelson smiled. "That's cool."

"Did my sister look pregnant to you?"

"Come on, man, you need to sit down." Nelson just shook his head as he plopped his big self down on the porch and waited for Oliver to settle down. Nelson patted down a place for him.


"Beats me, Oliver. She's a big girl. Solid one too. There could be a baby in there."

"I think she had the baby." Oliver said matter of fact.

"How do you know that?"

"Just a gut feeling." Oliver's eyes lit.

"What kind of gut you got there? I don't see it from here?" Nelson smiled all wide eyed.

"I think something happened to her." He squinted hard then as if tears might overcome him. "And-" He couldn't say it.

"Spit it out, boy. What else do you think you know?" Nelson reached to pat Oliver's back and he flinched, but it didn't stop Nelson from giving him a good pat on the back.

"I might know who's baby it is."

"That sounds like you been really working on this case, Oliver."

"It just all sort of came to me." Oliver sighed.

"What in the hell is wrong with you."

"I'm going to have stop, you know." He wouldn't say what Nelson sold. "I can't take that shit anymore because, what if I don't know what I'm doing."

"What you're doing? What in the hell are you talking about?" Nelson winced with a chuckle.

"What if that baby is mine?"

"Hell, boy, you are turning green," Nelson grabbed his shoulder then. "You are talking some crazy shit here."

"I don't want it to be true, It can't be," Oliver cringed, "But what if I didn't even know."

"That's some pretty serious shit you got going here. Your sister having your baby."

"Don't say it." Oliver scowled. "I wouldn't have slept with her, I wouldn't have done that. Really." He kept shaking his head, no.

"Well, how about it if was like this," Nelson shrugged. "She got your sperm in a turkey baster. And did everything herself."

"That is just wrong, Nelson." Oliver cringed in disgust.

"Well, its a hell of lot better than what you're thinking." Nelson sighed. "You said so yourself there was no baby. Don't start doubting yourself now." Nelson gave Oliver another squeeze. "You've gone and got yourself a real woman here and you can not start having halucinating shit like this because of a deranged sister. You do not want to be the Man, that's all."


"Forget this baby shit, Oliver." Nelson told him. "Has there been a baby show'n up on your doorstep yet?"

Oliver shook his head, no.

"Then stop think'n this shit."

Oliver nodded. He was right. He was totally right about this. Oliver was gonna go home right now and wash this crap out of his hair, and he was going to be somebody. There was no reason why he couldn't be true to Bex.


Nisey♥Liite said...

oooo that is too wierd but so frikin interesting :)

autumn said...

that's what i'm thinking/saying on one of my previous comments. that the baby is Ollie's. o_O

Natalie! said...

I finally got a chance to catch up on the story, yays!

The part about the turkey baster is kind of funny in a disturbing kind of way, haha :P I hope the baby isn't Ollie's!

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Thanks for your comment...i like your blog too !

Anonymous said...


I'm kinda... lost.
And shocked.
Hope the baby isn't Oliver's! That would be too... weird.

You always come up with these things that make your stories so interesting! :)

Darling Dears. said...

i was not expecting that. wow, keep posting :)

Anonymous said...

im glad you liked it:)