a four by four

Blue Hearts was tagged. This time Heidi. Please check her wonderful blog out. Thanks. Well, this might be a bit unusual since it is a fiction blog, but I'll give it a try. Maybe you'll learn something about the characters.

Here it goes.

Top four wishes:
1) Oliver wishes his sister would come home.
2) Bex wishes Oliver would take the head of circulation job at the library.
3) Max wishes more people would love his church.
4) Dayton wishes he could figure out who he is exactly.

Four places I want to travel to:
1) Bex wants to go to Maine.
2) Oliver just wants to go to the beach.
3) Max would be happy anywhere as long as he can help someone out.
4) Chris wouldn't mind going back to his Native American roots.

Four careers I want to be involved in:
1) Oliver would like to do more creative endeavors.
2) Bex wants to finish her education and be a real librarian
3) Max wonders if he could help more if he became a doctor.
4) Dayton wants to be a race car driver.

Four things I would like God to say at the Gates of Heaven:
1) You made it, after all.
2) You knew there would be sunflowers here, didn't you?
3) Sing! Sing a song! Sing out loud! Sing out strong!
4) You won't need shoes here.

Here are my 4 victims for this tag.




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Nisey♥Liite said...

u tagged good blogs :)

ellie said...

how could you??? just kidding about the tag.

Dorkys R. said...

I like how you spinned it to fit what your blog's all about!

just Ivy said...

Hey, thanks.

Cool list.

autumn said...

oh this is interesting. i'm going to post mine. thanks.

Heidi said...

Hey! You did the tag! Like dorkys r said, great spin on the tag. Loved it! Very creative. Loved the Gates of Heaven list too.

Anonymous said...

This was great! And funny too :)