party time

Let the party begin.

It was feeling like a celebration now. Maybe, just maybe Oliver felt he had his grove back. It was happening.

There were no second thoughts about what she'd said before, evidently, this chemistry had its own power, and it didn't even need an Ever Ready battery.

Of course, they ate the roasted chicken right where they'd left it in the livingroom, and he'd poured Captain Morgan in juice glasses, to drink up.

"We should have gone out," Bex said while he was feeding her slivers of chicken breast.

"No, staying in, we were definitely suppose to stay in," Oliver gave her a little wink and when his finger cough her mouth, he knew she was ready to do it again. Of course, he hoped this time she'd let him do the navigating for a change. Not to say it didn't have its pay offs, but still it really needed to be a team effort. And they'd just have to keep doing it until they got it right. Which might be all night. He looked at the clock was it only seven in the evening?

The food, the drink was making them quite woozy. He danced with her for a bit, and she looked under his patch but decided to leave it alone.

"I think I could get used to it," Bex told him.

"Well, you'll be seeing it a lot more, so you better," his mouth caught hers in a deep kiss. He looked back at the mess on the floor. "You think we should clean it up before we forget?" She was still in her robe and he was in her purple pajama bottoms.

She shrugged. He knew she was no help to make such a decision. He tossed what he could in the trash and what he could keep went into the empty fridge.

"All right, then back to bed you go." And he did mean the bed this time. They were going to use it this time or else.

"But," she was hesitant.

"Lets freshen up that drink," Oliver wasn't going to lose his place now.

She took another sip.

"Its very tasty." Bex laughed as she held her glass up for a toast, and he pulled her back to where it had all started. The bedroom. He didn't want to miss the good parts.

For starters. She was a masterpiece as far as he was concerned. He loved her scent, her laugh, but craved her beauty even more and possibly it made him so giddy that maybe he didn't deserve this at all.

When his lips touched her, it felt so right. This was where he belonged. And somehow he was staying. He would stay right here in her arms. He'd find a way to be a part of her. There was no going back now.

Oliver didn't want to think the state of his employment. He didn't want to think about home. Least of all Dayton. Dayton was definitely out of here. As far as Oliver was concerned, he was the new sheriff in town.


Dapper Kid said...

I like this subtle idea of a power game between them.

Cate said...

me too.
lol the patch - i can really imagine that.
okay, the tidying up was a bit at the wrong time, but oliver's right--better do it, before they forget.

autumn said...

lol @ sheriff in town. ollie's a li'l crazy. lol.

UmassSlytherin said...

(sigh) so romantic!!! :) I love it! I hope dayton gets mad! :) heheheheheh!!!!!!

Liz said...

LOL I agree with umassslytherin!!! Go away forever, DAYTON! >D

Yeah, I went back to school a while ago, that's part of the reason why I haven't had much time to write.

Krosemarie said...

Thats so great the way Oliver treats her..He really, seems to care so much for her!!! Loving the story so far, I'll stay posted!!


taffy. said...

I'm liking confident Ollie :)