on top of the world

Where was her bra? Bex couldn't seem to find it anywhere the next morning.

They'd woke up early, accidentally to watch the sunrise. Actually, she'd hoped to watch Oliver sleep, but he was already awake, watching her sleep. And so she'd sat on the back porch in his arms watching the sunrise and just after that he went to make toast and tea.

"Don't worry about it," Oliver said about the bra.

"But its my favorite."

"Don't wear one," he gave her a grin and a taste of strawberry jam on the end of his finger. It was true, Bex thought. He could definitely distract her.

After tea and buttered toast with jam, he made up her hair. It was perhaps an avaunt-guard version of Princess Leia's hairdo from Starwars during her great kiss scene with Luke. Actually, it went well with the white peasant top she never wore because the string broke. Somehow, he had a gold piece of twine perfect for the blouse in his pocket.

"What else is in there?"

"I'm not telling," Oliver was a bit coy about it as he stretched black suspenders over his white buttoned down shirt, which was actually one of hers.

As it was, they were off to the farmer's market. He sported shades and her silly newspaper boy hat. Actually, he looked good in it. Bex felt as if she was incognito with her ruffled skirt and peasant blouse.

And as they strolled through the throng of people, she felt as if she was an absolute foreigner. That perhaps she'd start speaking French. It was a pleasant surprise. And when she looked at Oliver, it felt like a dream. This couldn't possibly be her life.

They bought fresh black berries, fresh bread and cherry tomatoes. Finally, they made their way to the park where he got out the cooler with the white wine and the left over chicken. It was a nice spread on the old comforter they'd first made love on.

He poured glasses of wine then.

"Here's to tomorrow." Oliver toasted.

"Dayton will be back tomorrow," Bex winced.

"Don't worry about it," Oliver looked at her as if he could only see her. "Don't say his name."

"I can't just not-"

"How did you meet?" Oliver sipped his wine. Bex took a sip of hers.

"At a Bright Eyes concert," she said. "I really was hoping I could kiss Conor Oberst that night because this friend of mine told me how easy it was. She'd made-out with him. I don't know what I was thinking. I'd drank this alcohol somebody had put in my soda. It was so foolish. Next thing I know I'm kissing Dayton. I was so out of it, I really thought I was kissing the lead singer from Bright Eyes. He had to make a big deal about it to all his friends. Everyone got a good laugh. I don't know why I ever went out with him."

"Why did you?"

"Because I didn't think I could find anyone better."

"What? How could you think something like that?" Oliver winced a bit and then smiled. "You're the most beautiful creature I've ever met, and not just that, you're strong, you're compassionate, you're so amazing, why would you think that?"

Bex blushed then. She wasn't sure she could be all that and more to him.


Cate said...

bex sure look really good the way you described her. and i know what she means by saying she felt like a foreigner.

autumn said...

ollie stole the bra? lol. there'll be a new character, chris. can't wait to see his part in this story. =]

Krosemarie said...

I like how we see some of Bex's history in this story!!! Really intersesting!!! and I can't wait to see the new character!!


Dapper Kid said...

I do love the insight into Bex :)

UmassSlytherin said...

This chapter is amazing: the food imagery is very sexy! Great job! Also can't wait to see more of Chris: excellent casting job on that, by the way!!!! :) he is soooo getwithable!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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Aurley said...

Missing bras and comforting words?
Im excited for Dayton's arrival.:)

taffy. said...

the beginning is just so...
dayton& bex's relationship is so obviously wrong.