back at the library

Bex couldn't focus on work. There was Oliver, and she couldn't say a thing to him. He was using the new machine to repair DVDs and CDs just like those expensive ones at video stores. There wasn't much too it, other than making sure to follow the color code wheels that grind the disc into a new shiny finish.

He looked tired. She felt bad for him. Really, she hadn't meant it to be so draining last night. All the emotion. A part of her knew it was the best weekend ever except for last night. She just wasn't sure she could recover from the nerve of Dayton. She knew part two was coming. Bex could only hope it wouldn't be tonight.

She wanted it to be just her and Oliver. They could have a long talk. Maybe some wine. But no pot. That was so not her. Not now. Bex knew on her budget she could barely afford the wine as it was. But who cared about a budget when you had each other.

Bex couldn't take her eyes off of him. But she kept quiet. She kept to herself. He did the same.

Finally she saw him walk out of the little room they were in toward the breakroom. She followed as if she were checking to see if anybody left any leftover cake from bookclub. He was just a few steps ahead of her. He went out the other door to the long dark hallway. She followed. No one was around. No one.

He was going to the employee's restroom.

She pushed the heavy door open before he could lock it.

"What!" He sounded almost shocked that she was right behind him. She quickly locked the door and put her mouth over his before he could say another thing.

Bex felt him melt into her as she wedged him against the full length mirror. It was one of those kisses she wanted to take her time, but she couldn't. Somebody might notice they were gone. But she wasn't sure she even cared.

"We can't smash the mirror it could mean seven years bad luck," Oliver whispered as they rolled away from the mirror still kissing. His hands came down then and touched her belly. Bex's at his hips. She so wanted to touch his flesh. It amused her immensely that he was so hard. How would they ever get out of this sticky situation?

"I think we can do it," Bex caught her breath as she breathed the words.

"Are you serious," Oliver smiled.

She unbuttoned his pants, hoping they wouldn't kill each other in their quietness. Bex just nodded.

It was a good thing she wore a skirt today. She slipped out of her panties and flip-flops. His pants were lose along with his suspenders almost to the floor. He wasn't wearing underwear.

Bex smiled more as he pressed closer, skirt hiking. Oliver pushed her more up the wall. Her toes barely touched the ground, and she almost moaned with pleasure when he pushed inside. She held her breath, then finally let out a deep sigh as she squeezed him tightly with her arms and legs which didn't help his balance much. He swayed back. She held him steady with her toes then feet steadying against the door.

Bex was certain that something might break and they'd have to rush to the emergency room and sew something back on, but they kept going. Oliver managed to rock back against the wall.

Maybe they were being a tad noisy. Maybe. Maybe not. Bex really wasn't sure if she cared at the moment, but she could feel his little moves and he kept pushing and he was holding in as many little moans as he could. Bex already came some time ago, but didn't want to tell him.

Finally, he edged himself out of the predicament. She looked up at the florescent lighting. Neither said anything to each other. She pushed her toes in her flip-flops and left first. It wasn't until she got back to her desk that she actually realised she'd left her undies behind. She cringed then.

Oliver came back to check on a DVD to see if it were properly ready for circulation. He pulled her undies out of his pocket and smirked.

She almost smiled, but bit her bottom lip and turned away to work.

He pushed her undies back in his pocket.


ellie said...

Things are definitely heating up. I wasn't expecting that.

please sir said...

Oh goodness - great story line going here.

Krosemarie said...

wow. I certainly didn't expect them to do that!!! I am very glad that Bex stood up for herself, I love her and Oliver as a couple!!!


Krosemarie said...

oh my gosh!! Thank you soooo much for that super long comment on my blog!!! I mean, you really know what your talking about!! Thanks so much for the advice, I'm thinking about what u said!!!


UmassSlytherin said...

oh my my!!!! How sexy!!!!!! more soon plese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehheeheheheheheh! awesome oliverbex sex!!!!! :)

autumn said...

that was too fast. lol. didn't see it coming after the breakup. lol.