feeling like a cigarette

Oliver hadn't felt like a cigarette, after all. He laid in bed the longest time hanging on to Bex's undies like a teddy bear. God, he could not get enough of her.

Where did she come up with peaches?

He was mad at himself. Yet not really. Something had happened. Hadn't it? Would she forget?

Oliver finally brought up the Internet to check his e-mail. Thinking he might write her something of an apology if, anything. But she'd gotten there first.

He opened the e-mail, scanned her words carefully. "My god, its a fucking novel!"

She started out saying how sorry she was, and she was pretty sure she didn't deserve someone as sweet as he. And she'd hate to ruin their friendship.

"Bullshit." He stared at the screen. Who in the hell was this bullshit for?

He called her on his cell, immediately. She hadn't gone to sleep. Thank God.

"Listen, really, its gonna be all right. Everything is gonna be fine. You'll see," Oliver promised. "I would never stop talking to you. You have to believe me. And this, this just makes it-" He almost said complete, but he felt so unraveled at the moment.

"God, Oliver, I'll fuck everything up." She told him. He wanted to say, well, fuck me first so we can really find out, but he didn't.

"No. No, you won't. You're not like that." He felt slightly on edge that she'd never quite believe him. "Is he there?"


"Then I could come over." He'd run barefooted if he had too.

"No. You can't. I can't let you-" She was crying.

"All right," Oliver sighed. "I just want you to be happy."

"I know that."

"Actually with just me and nobody else." He had to put that in.

"We will."

"Really?" he asked. She didn't say anything. "Honestly?"

Still no answer.

"Bex! Bex? Are you there? Please tell me, he's not killing you or anything!" Oliver felt his heart race. "Bex!"

"Sorry, I had to throw up."

"Well, thanks for not letting me listen in on that part, but you could have, you know. I wouldn't have minded." His eyes lit. "You're important to me." Now he might throw up if he heard her answer.

"Why don't we do something after work on Friday," Bex then said.

"Sure." He closed his eyes then. A calm was setting in.


UmassSlytherin said...

bex needs to get out of this horrible relationship! geez, she is not tied to him, and oliver is just there waiting for her with his hot hot sexy body!!!!! I hope she comes to her senses soon!
excellent updates, just brilliant!!!!!!!! :)

ellie said...

I love this entry..I just do. A bit of a high and low..cool.

simon n josh said...

I loved this scene..especially about ..writing a fucking novel..and then some..

taffy. said...

i don't want them to have to hide this!

Krosemarie said...

I love how you write!!! Your words really just flow!! I really like Oliver, I think him and Bex make a good couple....I am having mixed feelings about Dayton though....Awesome story, cant wait to read whats up next!!!!!!


autumn said...

i love your story, cait. i find these stories really amusing. in a nice way. i like the way you use word, phrases. somewhat funny. like that "fucking novel" and "he's not killing you or anything!" lol. i'm absolutely loving it.