been done and then some

This was the last thing Oliver needed when he saw Bex sitting across the room all melancholy at Ruby Tuesdays. But she looked great. She had on the little black dress she always wore to any going away dinner at the library. She looked like royalty in that thing.

At first he was going to come over and say hi, but he couldn't. Dayton was there and he looked as mundane as ever even if he were in a trendy T-shirt from Wal-mart with something of a so called lung with swords shooting through it. They just didn't look like they belonged together. Unfortunately, he couldn't think about it with all of Nelson's questions. What was this chat really about? Was it a boyfriend he wanted or someone to take over his business?

"I am not your man." Oliver snapped. Jesus, why couldn't he just get out of here, and be alone. This day had gone on far to long. And there was Bex, those plush lips. She was making him hurt, and God knows what she thought now?

"But we can be friends, can't we?"

"Well, aren't we?" Oliver had a terrible thought he'd lost the only true friend he had. This was just getting to be too much for him.

Later, when he got home, he thought he'd just lay around and listen to some sad music he'd downloaded, and just try not to think about the disaster today. Things had started out so well, and then there was Nelson. Oliver didn't know if he really wanted him around so much. God, he hoped he wouldn't be at the library everyday, annoying him.

Before he could even grab Bex's panties for some comfort, his sister came down asking for a rolled cigarette.

"Honestly, Izzy, how many of these have had today?" It was highly unlikely he'd ever be her keeper. Of course, she got paid not to work. He jumped around a bit wondering if she knew where all his hiding places were in his dungeon of a room. "I don't even know why you ask?" He grabbed one between his mattress and bed springs. It was a little squashed, but he knew she wouldn't mind. She was on Valium as it was.

"What's eating you, Ollie?" Her dishwater hair was a mess and she looked like something between Courtney Love and a has been porn queen.

"Nothing. Nothing at all. Just take it and go!"

"Maybe you need one, too." She was a bit dazed already.

"Izzy, um, sorry." He really wasn't, but always tried to keep it short because she'd go on about the baby and then about the cable guy and Roy would get mixed in with the story. Lord knows how this time the story would turn out. Sometimes, she remembered the cable guy. Mostly she didn't. It could have been the immaculate conception, sometimes. But the truth was there was no baby. There wasn't even any Roy, the loser she hung out with and fought with and who was probably old enough to be her father. And they didn't have cable. "So its been a good day, right?"

"Yeah," She smiled then. Her teeth were brown and a bit disgusting.

"Good." They both nodded. "Still watching America's got talent?" They only got one channel and that was NBC.

She nodded.

"That's nice." Usually, she screamed at the TV. This was better than her screaming at Roy or him. "Oh, I forgot to mention," He wasn't sure how this would work. But God knows, she needed a real friend. "You'd be up for that night club, Rumors, sometime, wouldn't you?"

Oliver had an idea. Once he got Nelson in drag, she could take him out for a good time. Of course, Nelson would have to drive. Izzy had lost her driver's license, sometime ago.


UMassSlytherin said...

What a wonderful update! As I said before, this is currently my favorite story! The imagery is so amazing: love the way Oliver views Dayton: so funny how he describes his t-shirt! Love love love the simile and metaphor too, it's really awesome! "courtney love" !! too too funny, so well-done!

And oh, you get to make out with JCB in my fic! you can thank me later! (you got the most action out of all four of us!) check it out! :)

Liz said...

Wow, his sister really is something. x]

ellie said...

Oh...what a sister.

autumn said...

lol @ courtney love and porn queen. haha. ok, i know i've been laughing with each story. sorry, but i'm really amused. loving it. =]

taffy. said...

this is sad :(
izzy is an interesting character.

Krosemarie said...

I am hooked!!!! I finally got a chance to read through the whole blog, and I love the whole story so far!!!!Keep up the good work, this is great!!!