another night at the library

"You're working with me tonight?" There was a giddiness in the air. And Bex would have thought they were two school girls who were going to pull an all nighter at the library. When Oliver grabbed her hand, she pretty much knew that meant he was going to spin her around. She would have thought it was just the two of them there. It almost was. The grumpy old librarian was there to keep an eye on them over the wayat the reference desk.

"Yeah, all those vacations going on right now. I guess I have too." Bex smiled.

"You have too?" Oliver looked a bit hurt that she'd say such a thing.

"No, I'm so glad its you and not-"

"Not my supervisor?" Bex knew Oliver couldn't find anything nice to say about Betty. They were on the outs. His supervisor didn't like the way he behaved. Didn't like his little miscalculations. His way of waving over-dues right and left. But patrons loved him. And it was nice to know they were on his side and not the supervisor. Bex was thrilled he was at the library. Basically, he was the only thing amazing at the library.

"Yeah, well, my supervisor isn't talking to me."

"Ha ha..I'd love that if she'd stop talking to me. Stop raking me over the coals about everything." He played with her fingers then. It was more of a game, Bex supposed. He usually wasn't all this touch me feel me sort of person. What had came over him?

"So who was that guy?" Bex said slightly dramatic.

Oliver's fingers dropped from hers. He cringed.

"What are you talking about?" He gave her a cross stare.

"You know, Ruby Tuesdays?"

"You were there and you didn't even say hello?" There was a bit of a dismay on his face. Before she could say anything else, the snooty librarian was telling them to be quiet.

He went to one end of the counter, the kids corner and she went to the other side. Bex hadn't meant it to end this way. Why did she have to ask? Why did she care? She couldn't figure out if she were just bitter or only sad.

She couldn't help but look at him with his hands shoved in his khakis. He was only wearing a white t-shirt under his tan striped button down shirt that was open. He looked like summer. The end of summer and really what had she done this summer, but be at the library.

There was nobody here. And of course, somebody thought there only needed to be one person at the desk.


UmassSlytherin said...

excuse me, but didn't Oliver see her there too??? lol
oh, these games: these two need to just stop playing and get to it, if you ask me!

I love this update, more soon please!!!!! well done!

ellie said...

darn no time to play...i feel bad for oliver.

taffy. said...

ollie and bex need a really hot, romantic hookup!
(and then afterward she can question it cos she thinks he's gay)

autumn said...

bex was not able to hold hersef from asking that question. is she hoping that ollie's not gay. lol. i still find it funny. =]