what it could be

"Just don't listen to her, OK?" Oliver summed it up in one sentence. There was no need for Dayton to be depressed. After all, Oliver knew he was working his ass off with shelving books. "You're a good dad, I've seen it."

He almost saw Dayton's sad face change. But he didn't want to make it so noticeable.

"Really?" Dayton didn't sound to confident about it. His lanky body gaped over the books on the cart.

"Yeah, I mean it." Oliver let a smile spread across his thin face as he  pushed his messy blond hair behind his ear. "Look, I know, its hard. I really do. But you've got Geoff. And..and that baby loves you. OK?"

Dayton just nodded.

"It sucks. I get that. The circumstance. But you gotta look past that. All right? You and Geoff have a family." Oliver so wanted to be inspiring. Of course, he could only do so much. He just wanted to be there for Dayton even if Bex would have a hard time understanding it.

"You're the best, Oliver." Dayton started to smile all over.

Next thing Oliver knew Dayton was kissing him like he was more than just a co-worker he could confide in.

Oliver winced, pushing him off of him there in the stacks of the Mystery fiction in the back of the library.

"OK, I think we took it a little too far there." Oliver cleared his throat. One more thing, he hoped Bex didn't find out about.


ellie said...

This is so great! Love the update.

meg said...

Omg..Dayton is something.

ivy's closet said...

woo..that took me by surprise.

lucy and sarah said...

totally love the update!

E.L. said...

So happy you did this.

Holly said...

This was not what I expected.

Eeshie said...

This is very, VERY interesting.

Bex said...

Dayton is up to his old tricks!