looks so deceiving

Oliver noticed Riley at the library once again. He was here everytime Dayton was which was everyday.
"Is something going on between you too?" Oliver had to ask. He just couldn't help himself.
"What do you mean, going on? He's my friend." Dayton snapped. "I get enough grief from Geoff over this. Its nothing, OK. Nothing is going on." He was in the back mending books.
"Sorry, its just, you know, maybe he does like you." Oliver shrugged.
"Like what?" Dayton squinted back at him.
"Romantically." Oliver shrugged.
"Are you kidding me?" Dayton scowled. "Of course not, never, all right. Believe me. NEVER."
"OK." He didn't want to upset Dayton about it. But he'd seen it time and time again at the desk. The old man who kept stealing books from the library everytime he talked to the volunteer who helped at circ on Friday afternoons. The boy genius who practically drooled everytime Bex checked him out while he was checking her out. And of course, his giggly fan club of geeky girls who said they couldn't get enough of his help, helping them with their Jane Austen book club. "Its not the end of the world, Dayton."
"Who said it was?" But he could see the look in Dayton's face that he was horrified at the thought that Riley just might be falling in love with him.


Holly said...

hahahahaha...Oliver knows stuff.

another skin said...

I think its funny to think it.

natalie said...

Oh my goodness, I'm thinking maybe Oliver may be on the right track! Uh oh haha....

ellie said...

I gotta wonder what Dayton's got himself into.

the oaks said...

omg..love that pic of Jamie!

Iva said...

HA! :)