right or wrong

Honestly, Dayton felt this was his year. It really was. The whole public announcement thing was taking off about being a teenage father. Even Trent was in on it. And that made him more proud that he could be part of it too. Of course, he'd gotten some stupid feedback about promoting teenage fatherhood, but he didn't care. Why did people have to be so negative? And Dayton was definitely not being negative.

No, he was still thinking of Riley. Wondering if he could help him, some way. He'd found him dates from time to time even if they never panned out.

"I don't know why you're doing this?" Geoff didn't like the Riley situation.

"I have too." Dayton shrugged. "He needs social situations." Even if it was like throwing Riley into the shark tank each time. Nobody had eaten him up yet.

"What will you do if there is someone, huh?" Geoff looked at him puzzled. "Can he handle it? Really?"

It hadn't gotten to that point. As far as Dayton could see, Riley was always going to be there, at the library. If not at the grocery store or the movie theater. Really, Riley needed a friend, and that's what Dayton was doing.

"Don't be jealous." Dayton decided. "He's not going to win me over or anything, you know."

"I'm not jealous. I just think you are over your head with him, and it could just, you know, back fire." Geoff meant it too. There in the kitchen one night when he was finishing up dinner on the stove.

"Back fire!" Actually Dayton meant it as a question. "What about-" He didn't want to even go there with Geoff and his so called wife, Nancy. Dayton didn't want to be bitter about this, but he really thought they should be divorced by now. Why did she still have to be there?

"I thought you were OK with Nancy?" It was as if Geoff knew where this was going.

"I'll never be OK with Nancy!" Dayton informed him.

"I don't get you, you can be nice to complete strangers and..and she's family." Geoff reminded him.

Dayton nursed his bottom lip. He didn't want this to go wrong. He didn't.

"Fine." He'd have to let Geoff have his way. It was always his way because evidently he was always right. Dayton always felt he was wrong. If it wasn't one thing, it was something else.


elliestories said...

Sounds like trouble in paradise.

fan fic said...

Geoff & Dayton..go to see them again.

ellie said...

I gotta have my Dayton.

Holly said...

oh Dayton is something.

natalie said...

I think it's nice that Dayton is trying help Riley out, even if Geoff doesn't think it's the smartest idea. Hopefully things will work out...

dawn said...

sounds like geoff and dayton are struggling....how could geoff think that dayton would ever think that he was okay with nancy?

how are you cait? all well your way? what are you thinking about this movie season? wasn't it a crying shame about avatar winning best pic at the GG's? ack! not that it's not a fun movie but......wow. i think the HP got it wrong. going to see a single man this weekend. what did you think of it?

hope you're warm and well.