"Trent, I really like the name Trent, don't you?" Dayton was changing the baby's pamper right in the nursery.

Max stood back and watched. Dayton was really getting into this baby stuff. It was amusing.

"Trent is a cool name." Max smiled.

"So manly, you know." Dayton smiled. "I hope Geoff likes that name because I really do." Dayton wrapped the infant up. He was snuggled in his blue cap. Dayton carefully sat down with him in a nearby rocking chair and fed him a bottle.

Max couldn't help but wonder what had come over him. It was amazing. Had Dayton just been scared shitless?

"I might have to take some time off from work," Dayton said looking up at Max. "I don't know what they're going to do about this Nancy thing. Its scary to think about."

"Most cases they'll send her to a stroke patient facility where she'll get therapy 24/7." Max told him.

Dayton nodded.

Max noticed that Dayton was wearing the bracelet that said he was the father. Max looked at it closer. Geoff's name was on the bracelet.

Max shook his head. Dayton was so sly and yet so caring with the baby.


the oaks said...

Funny..about Trent..um as in Trent Ford...aka..Max,

Trent Manly Ford..ahhahaaa..

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

Haha, that's cute! I liked this. It shows a lot more about Dayton.

ellie said...

Dayton and the baby. And I was so afraid he wouldn't touch it because it was Nancy's.

natalie said...

Whoa... I was not expecting Dayton to actually like this baby, much less claim the father-bracelet-thing! I wonder how Geoff will feel :P

cass and cady said...

Oh, Dayton. He's something.

Sydney said...

someone's gotten the fatherly touch!

ew that sounded creepy...