at home

Chris and Oliver along with Bex and a few other from the church were waiting for them when they got home. Nancy's mother was still at the hospital with her.

Chris couldn't take his eyes off Dayton who was carrying the baby.

"Ruby got me ready for all this, you know." Dayton grinned and showed Chris the baby.

"He looks like he could be handful." Chris smiled back taking a good long look at the baby and then Dayton.

"You think he looks like me?"

"I dunno." The baby had a thick head of dark hair. He was dark. Chris could see a bit of Native American in him which looked normal to him with all the infants he'd looked at over the years that his sisters had. "Did you take the test?"

"Not yet." Dayton put Trent in his basnet.

Of course people wanted to know how long the baby was. How much did he weight. What sort of formula he was on. Naturally, Dayton knew the answers to all the questions.

Chris brought Dayton a plate of food. They'd brought comfort foods. Roast beef and mashed potatoes along with gravy and mixed vegetables on the side.

"How's Nancy?" Chris asked.

"It doesn't look good." Dayton winced.

"It looks promising." Geoff said. He went to check on the baby then.

"Max thinks Nancy should be Chuck's first obligation at church. To go and see her." Chris told them. "He's the new pastor."

"Chuck?" Dayton squinted.

"Ruby's Chuck," Chris said. "But they broke up."

"They broke up?" Dayton looked as if he had something to do with it.

"He wanted her to go to college. He felt that was more important." Chris sighed. He looked over at Geoff who didn't want a thing to eat while Dayton ate up anything he could get on his spoon and couldn't wait to get into the cherry cheese cake.


selena st.john said...


i've onky read a few posts till now, but i like your style of writing... :)

i've just started my blog, its fictiion too.. i dont know where i'm going with it.. i need more responce.. you'know to see if i can write atall!
so check out my blog and comment will ya?

the oaks said...

I love how Dayton ask Chris if the baby looked like him.

e.l. said...

I wonder what Chris thinks of Dayton now?

elliestories said...

I still love Chris and its interesting what he thinks of Dayton now.

natalie said...

It seems like Dayton's pretty much assuming a fatherly position right now... if he takes the test and it ends up not being his, I wonder how he'll take it? O: