all in a days work

Max found Chris in the rocking chair in Chloe's room asleep. She was in his lap asleep too.

He wanted to snap at him, but he couldn't. It was sweet. Where was his camera when he needed it?

He started to take her from his arms, but he could see Chris coming undone the moment Chris knew Chloe might be taken from him. It was like waking up an old dog who was sleeping with his prized bone. Chris was not having it.

"You're home," he finally said, letting go of Chloe before she awoke. Max laid her on her back in her crib.

"Sorry, I'm late." Max was in his blue scrubs and dead tired.

"I made that potato casserole you like." Chris said as he got up to get it.

"I dunno." Max yawned catching Chris' hand and pulling him back to him. "I'm not hungry." They kissed and went to the couch in the living-room.

"I think you're working to much." Chris told him.

"But they're always short handed." Max nodded.

"But still, you said you weren't going to work so many hours." Chris reminded him giving him a back rub. Before Max knew it he was laying his head in Chris lap and stretching out on the couch as if he might as well be in bed. He smiled when he felt Chris' fingers in his hair. It felt so good to be home with him and Chloe asleep.

"I know. I will. I mean, I won't." Max sighed.

"I may have found someone to help at the church." Chris told him.

"Really?" As of yet, no one had officially applied at the church for the associate pastor position.

"Who?" Max winced.

"Uh, Chuck. Ruby's friend."

"That guy she's living with?" Max almost laughed. "Are you serious?"

"He thinks he could do it?"

"Why?" Max looked back as Chris.

"I dunno, maybe because Ruby isn't around." Chris shrugged.

"What happened?"

"I guess they broke up. She went to UT. Didn't even tell me. He stopped by earlier." Chris looked at him as if it might be good news or did he just have something else in mind.

"Maybe you should call Ruby and ask her about him." Max said as he sat up to stretch his arms. Naturally, Chris was there to meet him. He smiled as if this Chuck was already hired. They kissed, and Max thought maybe things were even better than he remembered. He didn't know how that could be, but somehow they always had time for each other.


the oaks said...

I like them together.

e.l. said...

They really are good together.

natalie said...

Awww, why do Kodak moments always happen when there's no camera anywhere to be found? Chris and Max really are sweet together :) Let's hope that Chuck isn't biting off more than he can chew!

taffy. said...

i hope this never ends.

Anonymous said...

They are good together. i hope it lasts.

past the point said...

Chris is so sweet with Chloe & I always think Max is a good guy.

maxxie n tony said...

aw..they are a sweet couple.

dawn said...

how tender and sweet. such a nice, warm image. :)

hope you're well and happy. did you see julia/julie yet? it's a sweetheart of a movie. loved it.