little surprises

Chris wasn't so sure he cared for all this openness with Dayton. He kind of liked him better when he used to give him the silent treatment. Really, all he needed was to be alone to work on a truck in peace, but there Dayton was down at Chris' auto shop.

"Really, I don't mean to be jealous. I don't want to be jealous," he went on to tell him. Chris just nodded while Chris paced and used his hands to talk.

"But its when he touches her, that just gets to me, you know." Dayton scowled. "Why does he have to do that?"

"Its just breathing exercises, Day." Chris sighed looking back at him.

"I know. Its driving me nuts, her breathing all over Geoff." Dayton shivered as if was just nasty.

Chris just rolled his eyes and tried to get back to repairing a fuel line.

"Are you wanting to do something?" Chris had some inventory he could start him on.

"Not particularly." Dayton just stared at him.

"Everything else going all right?" Chris wiped his hands on a old red towel then.

"Yeah," Dayton smiled. "Geoff doesn't spend all his time with her."

Chris just nodded.

"So how's Ruby?" Dayton smiled rather impishly.

"About that? What is going on with you two?" Chris squinted.


"You got the hots for my sister?" Chris looked at him then.

"Well, there was a time it might have been possible." Dayton confessed. "I was really thinking about it. Like I could start over or something and if we had a kid then you could really be his real uncle and all, but you know, it was just a thought. It wouldn't have happened." He shrugged.

"Well, that's good to know." Chris sighed.

"So what about you and Max? Are you two going to try to have anymore kids?"

Chris could barely hold in a laugh. "I think we've got our hands full."

"I still can't believe you're with a preacher." Dayton smirked.

"I thought you were used to Max by now." Chris scratched the side of his forehead then.

"I am. Really, he's cool. Maybe we could all go out sometime. Just don't know where." Dayton squinted.

"That's a thought."

"Oh, we did get our tests back. Everything is A OK. So we should celebrate. And I got a job." Dayton smiled.

"No, kidding." Chris smiled.

"Yeah, at the library, who would have thunk it?" Dayton laughed.

"You know, something, you're as giddy as school girl." Chris popped him with the towel then.

Dayton had to tease him back. Chris just smiled. He felt as if they were truly old friends now.


e.l. said...

I loved this one.

Anonymous said...

Chris was so easygoing about Dayton's confession. I liked that.

simon n josh said...

Its good to see this side of Dayton.

natalie said...

Hehe, "her breathing all over Geoff" :D I'm glad that Chris and Dayton are starting to talk things out and getting along well!