at the edge

Geoff guessed he would look. But it might have been a little too late. It was odd to him wondering just how to approach Dayton even if he did find him.

Someone said he was in the kitchen. Another said they saw him with Oliver.

"Have you seen Dayton," Geoff glared at Oliver as if he'd know what to do.

"Huh, not for a while," Oliver said. He was getting more punch for Bex who was sitting.

"Everything, all right?" Bex looked at him who was pulling cake crumbs in to bits and then taking her time eating.

"I guess, Nancy just wanted me to find him." Geoff shrugged, looking the loner that he actually was. His ties was undone now, and he felt a bit restless.

"I think he might be in the nursery," Oliver then remembered. "Yeah, I think he's hiding out there."

Geoff sighed. What a fine time to go to the nursery. He felt as if the wedding was finally sinking in. He was some-body's husband. He'd be a father soon. The thin hallway was stifling. He could hardly breath. Suddenly, it felt as if a panic attack might sink in. Did he really want to find Dayton now?


n a t a l i e said...

He's just having the whole wedding situation sink in now? I wonder if he'll have second thoughts about all of this... hopefully he can find Dayton soon enough and work things out.

ellie said...

I hope Geoff knows what to do when he sees Dayton.

cady said...

I still can't get over the fact that Geoff's married. Apparently he can't, either.

Ivyoaks said...

this must be so emotional for Geoff...and then to wonder where Dayton is, too.