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Chris was total amazed at the resemblance between Chloe and Maisy. They could be sisters. They were cousins. They would be good cousins. He'd see to it. Of course, he had only looked at the twins through the nursery window, watching Oliver and Max with the babies. Chris took pictures with his digital camera. Even his sisters wanted to see the twins. They were already popular and didn't even know it.

A bunch of women from the church had already brought food over to Bex and Oliver's. His sisters had planned the whole next six weeks to bring food and help out with the little ones. Chris had no idea just how giving they were. It amazed even him. They'd even joined Max's church.

And here Max thought he'd quit Serenity while all of Chris' sisters with their families had rushed in to join. Of course, Chris knew they all thought Max was sexy and what better way to spend Sunday morning than listening to a sexy preacher. Chris wanted to say that had to be sacrilegious, but what ever worked. After all, they wanted to help.

Evidently, they weren't the only ones, when he turned back in the hospital corridor, there was Dayton, and Chris couldn't remember the last time he'd been this alone with him.

"You've got your hands full, " Dayton said. Chris had Chloe on his hip and it was a struggle to take pictures too. Chris didn't know what to say. He supposed he could hand Chloe over to him which evidently surprised Dayton. Chris thought he might fall over with her.

"Damn, she's heavy," he sounded surprised. "What are you feeding her?"

Chloe didn't whimper but just looked at him as if he was interesting and new as she sucked on her pacifier. Chris just smiled. It was kind of funny seeing Dayton, holding a baby. He had to take a picture of that.


Anonymous said...

haha i laughed when the sexy preacher part came up

cait said...

Thanks em.

the oaks said...

that would be funny to see Dayton holding a baby.

Summer said...

lovely :D

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Solo said...

that preacher part is really funny :D

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