All she ever wanted was to be knocked out of her misery. Really, couldn't they do something for her. Bex was having twins, after all. Why couldn't it be that simple?

When some one mentioned "spinal" she hated the thought of what that meant, and then they give her a shot in her back. And it was the hugest needle she'd ever seen.

"You'll be fully awake." A nurse told her.

"Do I have to be?" She cringed. But as the sedative sat in, Bex thought for sure she was having an out of body experience for some reason. Perhaps she was dying, or just delirium. She felt she was floating away. Listening to their shop talk. Somewhere there was Oliver. She guessed. She hoped. It was all so fuzzy and then she could tell something was happening. Perhaps not feeling the pain, but they were pulling something out of her stomach even if she couldn't see what it was. It felt as if would just keep going and going. Couldn't they be any quicker?

Her first glance was something dripping in cottage cheese, she thought. She was sucking her fist and looking at her with her open eyes. Those were Oliver's eyes. Not her eyes. She's knew those eyes, anywhere. It was both amazing and frightening at the same time. And then she heard the crying from the second one. All moody and angry. Perhaps more like her.

"Fraternal." Someone said. Bex smiled. At least she could tell them a part. After all, one was male and the other female.


ellie said...

sweet. thats so nice.

Anonymous said...

awwww:) this was my first smile of the day:)

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

Haha thats cool.

dawn said...

wow! wow! fraternal twins..so much fun. she had no idea they weren't identical? now the fun begins!

hope you are well. we went out of town this past weekend and i'm so behind. the weather cooperated though and it was good to get away. we went to asheville, nc. it's not far from us, but a fabulously laid back and good energy town. look it up, you'd LOVE it! tons of art, writers, galleries and just plain good stuff. xo

Lonnie Love said...

Oh my..wonder what their names are.