its a start

Geoff finally got Nancy out of the house at her parents. She would be starting part-time back at the office where she worked. Luckily, her Dad talked somebody into it. Geoff couldn't be sure how happy Nancy was about that, but he knew she needed to keep busy.

"You're looking great," Geoff told her as he drove them over to the nearby gardening center.

"Yeah, right." She was really starting to show now. Of course, one would think she was the baby from the frilly maternity clothes her mother had bought for her. She had her blond hair pulled up in two pony tails, looking like something from a kid's TV show.

"You think you'll be ready to get back to work?"

"I guess." She shrugged looking more blue than he remembered.

"I don't suppose you'd want to plant a vegetable garden with me?" He then asked as they found themselves in the hot house where all the flowers were.

"I never tried before."

"Maybe you can find some vegetables you like." Geoff smile pointing to a tomato plant growing upside down in a bag that you could hang from above.

"I don't like tomatoes." She frowned.

"I take it you won't be going vegan anytime soon." He found some egg plant and squash plants then to put in their wagon.

"What are you talking about?"

He didn't answer, but smiled. "Maybe you and Dayton are just too much a like."

"I guess." She shrugged as if Geoff wasn't suppose to mention his name.

"You know, he's really been working pretty hard, lately. This stuff with the P.S.A.'s have really taken off. He's been even speaking at schools."

"Isn't that just fantastic," Nancy said rather cynical as they walked down the rows of flowers.

"Did you find any flowers, you like?"

Nancy picked up something vaguely looking like a wild daisy of some sort.

"Sneeze weed." Geoff told her as he put it along with the vegetables.

"Sorry." She frowned.

"If its a weed it should grow really good." Geoff shrugged and went on. He supposed he better get her something to eat before the real job started. Planting the garden.


Ivyoaks said...

Geoff is so sweet.

N a t a l i e. said...

I want Dayton to come and speak at my school :D

And Nancy had better appreciate all that Geoff is doing to try and help her!

dawn said...

"if it's a weed it should grow really lgood"..haha! love that!

80 degrees here this weekend and SUNNY! hope you're having some fun in this weather. are you winding down school?