even so

Dayton sat in the chair next to Nancy's bed, chewing on his thumb nail. There was nothing better to do.

It had been weird, seeing her so out of it and then on the floor. He'd seen her drunk before, but he knew she wasn't drunk. This was different. Even past freaky. And he hadn't even seen it coming. Really, he didn't think it could get this complicated. Just because of him.

Out of all the sterile environment around him with the pale walls in the dimness, his throat felt so raw. He didn't know what else to do, but cry. He covered his hands over his face then. Had hearing the news sent her over the edge. Well, he should definitely stay away from women. He most certainly knew that now.

He bit his upper lip then as he looked over at Nancy who was asleep. Dayton knew just any moment she'd wake up and scream, "You Asshole!" But her eyes barely fluttered and she looked really nice like that, but then he got a cold chill. He didn't want her dead, either. She was breathing. All the monitors were hooked up. The baby's heart was beating just fine. Everything was so alive and well, he guessed. As much as he could decipher. She didn't have something that was horrible sounding, preeclampsia, but she might if she didn't take care of herself.

Dayton picked at his thumbnail again. He looked over at her hand free of the monitors and such. He stared for a moment at his own and slowly put his hand on top of her hand. She moved slightly and looked up at him.

"I've been thinking," Dayton sucked in a breath then. "That, that maybe that baby is mine, you know, and its just one less thing for you to worry about." He just nodded. "You and I both know who's gonna make the better parent in all this, right?" Dayton found himself almost. "Its neither one of us. Its just you gotta finish this when its time, and I don't want to make you miserable anymore. I don't."

He held on to her hand. She didn't need to say anything at all.


fan fic said...

wow..I didn't know he had it in him.

ellie said...

This really shocked me. It was good though.

Roxy Motion said...

aw. dayton.

elliestories said...

I just am like..woooo..is he dreaming? Or is she dreaming?

the oaks said...

I like how this is evolving.

dawn said...

yes, i so agree with the oaks...it is evolving so wonderfully. it will be interesting to see what happens when nancy is up again and fully functioning. maybe she might even make a mature decision like dayton is. maybe not....?

hope your easter was wonderful. are you having good weather now? we are all broken out in blooms here. ...finally! :)