I turned ’round and there you go

There was a lot on Oliver's mind. Perhaps it was good thing that Bex could nudge him a long. Tell him what came next because some of it just didn't make sense, and frankly, there was nothing he could do about it.

He wanted to remember their honey moon, the fresh ocean air and the beach. He was so afraid Bex would find something to complain about the entire time since she definitely hated the state of her body, but she'd been relaxed then more than he'd ever seen her. It was really a fantastic time of enjoying each other's company. Strolling on the beach, feeling the wind in your hair. It was all so simple. And now it was complicated. Oliver didn't mean it to be.

But the moment they walked into that airport, greeted by Max with the baby, it was as if he should of have known. And he hadn't stopped thinking about Chloe since. This heavy feeling in his heart was suppose to go away by now. There was his job to contend with, and it wasn't always easy making everyone happy.

He felt as if he'd been sucker punched. Had anything really changed? He felt frightened now. Not so much for himself, but for Chloe.

"Are you sure she checked out perfectly normal?" He'd question Max about that.

"Its not like she's gone days without being held. Somebody took care of her after she was born," Max told him. Of course, Max didn't know who that was.

"No, no...that's not what I mean. Is she, you know, more than just the ten fingers and toes. Is she normal?"


That had to count for something. Possibly, he didn't have a thing to do with this at all. He was just an uncle, one way or another. Nothing more. He had to keep thinking that.

"She has to be my sister's baby. She just has to be," Oliver said. But would they ever know the truth?

"Just remember, Chloe is safe with Chris and me. We wouldn't let anything happen to her. We love her." Max assured him.

"Of course." He had to leave it at that. Just leave it.

But it made him so cold to think about her. Sometimes, he'd forget to eat. Couldn't sleep. Really, he was a mess. A different kind of mess than from before. And now he needed to be stronger than he even knew how, after Bex's accident.

Slowly, it was withering him away. What kind of person was he? Good. Bad. The father to his sister's baby. Sometimes, he could hardly catch his breath when he thought of it.

Just then he finally awoke from the depths of his own qualms.

"I have to get ready for bed," Bex said.

Oliver just nodded. At least he'd have a few moments not to be thinking about what his sister had left behind.

white winter hymnal cover


Cate said...

I like the hymnal cover of white winter!!
Max and Chris are really good parents! But Dayton said Chloe looked a lot like Oliver..
I think Oliver should get a DNA test to see if he is really Chloe's father. At least then he would be sure.
And one thing I've been wondering about: How did Oliver come to have sex with his sister?

ellie said...

I feel so bad for Oliver.

taffy. said...

I hope they find some way to relax.

Dana said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting Chic Banana :)

I just saw Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist and I loved LOVED it!