in the kitchen

Oliver didn't know if he could do this. Not right now. Really. All this tension was getting to him. So much to do in such a little time.

Here they were in his mother's kitchen that he could hardly think of as his own. He'd pulled the dining chair out in the middle so Bex could sit away from stove, the table, even the sink. He kept brushing her hair. It probably soothed his nerves more than hers.

"I just think you should keep your hair long until," He couldn't think of why he shouldn't cut it. Exactly. "You know, until the wedding is over. Maybe wait til January because by then you'll probably at least get a gift certificate from your Mom to that expensive salon in the old market that you like so much. You wouldn't want me butchering your hair." Oliver looked at the length of the smooth brunette hair. It was heavy and silky, nurished with vitamins that was now far longer than he imagined. It was down to her waist now.

"It gives me headaches." Bex seemed certain about that.

"Oh." He kept looking at it wondering just what to do. He'd brushed it out carefully. The ends really looked good. He was almost in tears, thinking of all the french braiding he could do. He really hated to see her tresses go.

He took a deep breath then and remembered Locks of Love. In fact, he'd done it himself. That was one of the main reasons he'd ever grown his own hair out. It had just been on a whim. Someone he knew in school was doing it. And he'd been younger then when he thought he would prove to himself he could do it. Back before the pot, even the nicotine fixes. Back when he carried around Lord of the Rings like a bible. He thought it would take forever for his hair to get long enough for such a scarific. He'd given up those locks right before school started his sophomore year. That seemed when everything began to falter shortly after that, but at least he knew someone who took hair for Locks of love. He could easily put Bex's hair in a ponytail, cut it off and bag it. Then he'd have to shape it up in a bob hairstyle. It really wouldn't be that hard to do.

He hadn't donated to Locks of Love since then. Yet, he'd kept his hair long. Oliver guessed he was thrifty that way. Only he never thought his hair was that healthy with as much nicotine he put in his body and the like. But this, well, he felt certain someone needed this hair if Bex wanted to get rid of it.

"All right," Oliver then said pulling Bex's hair back ready for a ponytail, but he let it go one more time to watch it fall in place. As if to remember this moment one last time. "I see your point, but we can't let this go to waste, you know." Oliver put his fingers through her long tresses once more before he combed it all out again. He would so miss the weight of it in his fingers. He told her about Locks of Love. She smiled then.

"Sounds great," she said as he got the hair in an even ponytail at the nap of her neck. Oliver cut the ponytail off. He let her hold the hair then. It was well over ten inches.

He started cutting the hair closest to her neck line then, leaving it all chin length. Oliver was surprised by its bounce and natural curl. So shiny and flirty as it fell around her face. Oliver just smiled, looking at Bex so grownup and she still loved him.


Anonymous said...

i tried to do locks of love but my hair is too icky to grow long

dapper kid said...

Yikes if my hair was that long I'm not so sure I'd be able to just cut it off so easily!

Cate said...

Hm, I wouldn't cut Bex's hair completely short but down to the waist is a bit too long for my taste. I wonder how Bex's picture in the sidebar will look like when she's had her hair cut. But my hair sometimes gives me headaches too, when my ponytail is too tight or something.
Haha. I do carry around Lord of the Rings like a bible.
Locks of Love seems to be a really great charity.
I'm thinking of getting a bob cut next year. But with bangs! I can't live without my bangs anymore. What do you think?

taffy. said...

they WOULD donate to locks of love.

ollie& bex are amazing.

ellie said...

Sweet. Wish I could.

dawn said...

locks of love...what an awesome cause. my daughter donated to them. it made her so proud that she could do that. rock on, bex.

Anonymous said...

i think this was my favorite post yet! that opening was really catchy :)

La C.

Natalie! said...

I always wanted to do Locks of Love, but I could never grow my hair out long enough. By the time it gets about halfway down my back it just turns into a giant tangled mess, I could never grow it down to my waist! It's sad to see Bex's gorgeous hair go (even if I've never actually really seen it, but still) but at least it's going to a great cause! (: