how it should be

Bex was ever so happy to see her Dad who was as tall and lean as he ever was. He worked out in the Everglades. It was one of those natural science fields, but usually it was his photography that got him places

He made everything melt around her even if was a -4 or so degrees outside with a wind chill hitting that.

"I swear, its like driving on glass out there," He told her, but she assured him they both had decent cars to drive and that Max's friend Chris had got them some new winter tires as well.

"Looks like you're fixed up then," he was all smiles too and he had hoped to take her shopping, but she said she was just fine. It was too cold to go out. She certianly didn't want to make him sick on his first day here.

"Besides, I had this surprise shower at work," She looked at Oliver then who was trying his best to put on a little smile, but not much of one. She guessed he suspected her father would think him silly. But she pulled Oliver over and introduced him. "We had a wedding shower."

"It was suppose to be just a food drive," Oliver shrugged, "But we got as many presents as for the food bank."

"Sounds like you work for a pretty decent establishment." Her Dad was full of his southern charm, making himself at home, setting them both down on the couch where Oliver's parents used to gather.

"Yes, sir, a good group always wanting to help someone out. Even their overdue books, " Oliver smiled back genuinely this time. Bex was sure of it. Her Dad was the best. He so much made her think of Max.

"Max has helped so much too," she wanted to make sure her Dad knew he'd helped with the wedding and so much more.

"Isn't that what a big brother is for," her father chuckled.

Bex looked around the old house, noticing all the little changes her brother had made while he was there. New curtains in the diningroom, shelves for her light houses and he'd even reapostured the sofa and the chair in her favorite color of plum along with a new rug that matched. She guessed her father was right, but Max really had a way of making a house a home even when he wasn't living in it anymore.


Cate said...

Bex's dad seems great! Like Max, Max is great too.
If I was Oliver I would have been so scared of meeting him, at first... You know, some fathers-in-law can be quite unpleasant..

taffy. said...

max is just like the papa.

ellie said...

Nice touch. Sweet.