dyed in the wool

Help me, I'm starting to expire.
I hope that I can hire a helping hand.
It's got a meaning, I really hadn't thought of.
I really should take care of the things I have.

I have to hold you.
Have to hold you in a headlock.
I have to force you into wedlock.
That's how I am.

I'm dyed in the wool.
Dyed in the wool.(x2)

f**king love, when I should buckle down.
And I shouldn't hang around, for what that's worth.
Can you forgive me?
We're headed irrational.
Freakish passion for passion, that's my curse.
That's my curse.

I'm dyed in the wool.
Dyed in the wool. (x2)

I'm dyed in the wool.
I'm dyed in the wool. (x6)

Dyed in the wool- the young knives

Oliver felt a bit down that his mother couldn't make it to the wedding. But due to the cold snap and her illness, she didn't need to get sick. He understood. Still no word from his father, and he should have expected as much. They were never actually close. Of course, he still felt bad that no one from his family was at the wedding. It was if they didn't believe in him. Maybe they had a right too.

At least Max had consoled him on the part that he'd burn a copy of the wedding on DVD and send it right to his mother. So that gave him something to consider. And Bex's mother showed up for the wedding, after all. He thought she would. She was all smiles too as if this was her celebration, forget the rest of them.

And still he could sense it all around him. The Christmas music, the Christmas lights everywhere. Bex was amazingly beautiful. It really felt like a fairytale or maybe a dream to Oliver. He kept telling himself, "Wake up. Wake up." As he listened to Max's ceremony. Maybe he was trying to absorb too much. He was on the brink of even feeling faint. And then he heard it. Some one was crying. Not someone old, or child. But a baby's cry.

Oliver looked around slightly to see what was going on. He hadn't remembered a baby. And it didn't sound like from some one behind him, but behind Max. Oliver kept staring as if the suspense was killing him. But the ceremony kept going and Bex had to nudge him to say his I do in the nick of time.

And as he kissed Bex, Oliver was sure of it. There it was again, the echo of a baby crying. It sounded so final and like a warning. All Oliver could do was look up at Max.

With a nod he told them to go. Just go down the isle. They weren't staying for a reception. They had a flight to catch to some place warm.

But Oliver wasn't sure if he should really go. What if that baby was calling out to him? Him alone? Was it just his imagination. He looked at Bex. It was as if she'd heard nothing at all. There was so much in motion. Everything kept moving, and the white limo was waiting. So there were no hesitations. They were going on a honeymoon. Now. Oliver took one last look back. Max wasn't there.


Cate said...

That's sad if not even your own family turns up at your wedding. A bit embarrassing, too. But it's not Oliver's mum's fault.
It's so mysterious about the baby cry. I wonder if it was really there?

cats n curses said...

the suspense..um..who could it be?

taffy. said...

a baby?

this may disrupt the honeymoon.
i hope not, but it may.

ellie said...

I like the title..cool song as well.

It sounds like its not over...

Merry Christmas

dapper kid said...

Babies always seem to have an odd heightened perceptive nature. Hope you're christmas is going well :)


Wishing you the Happiest Holidays dear!!! PEACE*

dawn said...

what a great description of the marriage ceremony. it's so like that....it's such a surreal experience and the realization....no hesitation...everything does keep moving forward whether you can take it all in at that moment or not. great.