off limits

Dayton hadn't cared for what he'd seen at work. Chris having lunch with that Max. Just gave him an uneasy feeling about the whole situation. What was going on?

Naturally, he didn't say a word to Chris after the encounter. He kept to himself. Only it didn't help much. He messed up everything he touched. Couldn't even get the oil changed in some old woman's car. She just about had him fired.

He wanted to tell them to all go to hell.

As it was, Chris didn't even offer him a ride home. Dayton had to walk it. Gave him time to think. He guessed. He didn't like it much. He just knew he had to take care of it once Chris got home. He had to see things were fine with them, and there was no reason for him to be socializing with Bex's brother. What in the hell was that really all about?

He waited in front of the TV. Nancy called him a couple of times. Offered to bring him dinner. "Not tonight," he told her over the phone. He had to deal with this Chris thing. What had he gone and done, gone and told that preacher what he was all about. What a great sinner he was? It just made Dayton fume more.

It was almost eight by the time Chris got home.

"Where you been?" Dayton sucked at his bottom lip.

"No where," Chris squint.

"Like hell, what's gotten in to you?"

"I had to go by the hardware place, and it just took a bit longer than I expected about-"

"Don't tell me you been spending time with that Max fellow?"

Chris just shook his head, no.

"You tell him to stay out of our business!" Dayton huffed.

"There ain't really a lot to tell him, now is there?" Chris pushed by him and went to the kitchen to look in the fridge. He still had his jacket on.

"You better stay away from that church. Don't you go there!" Dayton came up from behind him with his pocket knife then and aimed toward Chris's back. He moved just in time to have his armed jabbed with the knife. Chris kicked Dayton back to the floor, leaving him dazed then. His head hit against the kitchen chair.

Chris slit the palm of his hand taking the knife from him. He stepped on Dayton's wrist then. Chris' other foot leaned into Dayton's neck to keep him down. He wasn't letting him up as Chris sucked on his bleeding hand.

"Its time for you to go," Chris nodded. "I'll go to that god damn church if and when I want too. You! Just stay the hell away from me." Chris found himself slightly shaking as he looked down at Dayton with his neck right under Chris' workboot. "Unless you want me to beat you senseless. And I don't think you do. You wouldn't want to mess up that pretty little face of yours for Nancy, now would you? If you're smart, you'll keep it that way. Its not like I want to take anything away from you, Day. Just do it, you piece of shit." Chris was so close to spitting on him. He backed away then. He folded Dayton's pocket knife and pushed it in to the front pocket of his jeans.

Dayton was still for the longest time. His cell rang. It was Nancy. Chris sighed and flung opened the backscreened door and went outside.


Cady L. Cep said...

Wow. So intense! I love it. Keep going.

autumn said...

bravo. i love it. it's time. hah! pffft @ Dayton. lol.

ellie's kyle said...

wooooo...maybe it's over.

taffy. said...


now max and chris can get married!

em said...

i heart reading this...

and i cant believe how i've missed so much already