there and back again

"You son of a bitch!" Dayton snapped as soon as Chris came back for him.

"I'm sorry." The least Chris could do was to bring burgers and onion rings from Sonic along with chocolate shakes. "I-I saw Bex's brother."

Dayton got in just snarling. He dug into the fast food bag then for some onion rings.

Chris drove home in silence.

"Well, did you do it?" Chris wondered when he got back to his place.

"Hell yeah." Dayton was all smiles.

Chris really didn't feel like eating. First it was the thought of Max in his system and then it was the after thought of where the hell could that snake be. He really didn't want Bex having a heart failure over it.

He watched Dayton eat because he couldn't think of an easier way yet... just to slip out of this before something awful happened.

"Aren't you gonna eat?" Dayton asked.

"I don't feel hungry, right now." He watched Dayton get out of the truck and shut the door.

"I think I might need some rum," Chris then nodded. He reached behind his seat and pulled out the jacket with his name on it that he wore at work, sometimes when he had too. He zipped it all the way up and was on his way to the library.

It was a little after seven and pretty much dark now. Hopefully, Oliver was still there. He just didn't know how to tell him this. But Oliver needed to know.

He looked around the empty parking lot hoping Dayton hadn't unexpectedly followed him. He did his best to give nothing away when he went in.

Sure enough, Oliver was there. So was Bex.

Chris just stared at the both of them as if he were lost.

"How's it going, Chris?" Oliver was all friendly, doing his best to put him at ease.

"Its a going," Chris's unruly hair flopped a bit from his nod.

"Could I help you?"

"Listen, there's a snake in your house. I mean at Bex's." He said real low.


"And its not poisonous, but they will bite." Chris said.

"Is this a Dayton thing?"

"Afraid so." Chris lips hardly moved. "I could try to find it if you like."

"That's nice of you, Chris, hm-"

"I know you don't trust me, probably-"

"Wait, I'll call Max. He might be over there."

"I could-" Did he really want to go through with this. "I could go over there right now and..and help."

Oliver made a phone call and came back to tell him that Max wasn't there just yet, but he could meet Chris.

"Well, I'll do what I can." Chris nodded. He so wanted to see Max again, but he felt completely shitless.


Nisey♥Smooches said...

ahhh a snake !!!!

just Ivy said...

Dayton is something else. Glad Chris gets to see Max, again..heheheee...

dawn said...

what a perfect time to see max...without his shirt and all vulnerable.

taffy. said...

max and chris.


i'm pumped :)

Ivy said...

He'll have to call him Maxie. Just kidding.

Natalie! said...

This post make me hungry for onion rings (;

Can't wait to see what's in store for Max and Chris! :D

autumn said...

i searched for that kind of snake yesterday. lol.