Bex felt like a fool when she awoke.

There was blood on the comforter.

"Shit." She looked at it wide eyed. Why had she been so worried? Really? Her period was always on time even if she never was.

She jerked the sheets off quickly. How would she ever get it out? What would Oliver think? This was so embarrassing. It was just all falling apart, wasn't it? Actually, she was the one who was falling apart. How come she couldn't be grown up about this? All of this.

Oliver was the one who was solid as steel about every situation and here she was, being a whiny bitch about everything.

She put the sheets on to wash before she took a shower. She pressed cold on the washing machine and put in extra soap. The stain had to come out. Had too.

Then she turned the hot water on herself and scrubbed like a mad woman. These sort of things always made her feel disgusting. But then it was a female matter. Only she wanted to be by herself. She needed to be alone. For days. A week. Maybe. Hopefully, not that long.

She had to embrace the thought... There was nothing of Dayton that remained. It was a new tide, so to speak. And she needed to be thankful. So she made her a cup of tea and got out the last Little Debbie oatmeal cookie sandwich. She'd held off on it for the longest time. Hid it away behind the Tea tin. It was still fresh. She deserved it. Besides, it stopped making her think of her cramping stomach while she ate.

After her long tea-time of enjoying her snack, she looked in the freezer and found a package of meat. She would make stew. Yes, it was the least she could do.

A part of her thought about inviting her brother, but she really didn't want too. He might not go away if she did. It wasn't that she disliked him. It was the fact she didn't want him wanting anything from her. But what was worst, she hated the idea that she might be turning into her mother. So she grabbed her phone and punched in the cell phone number he'd given her.

"Well, if this just isn't amazing," Max said right away which left a slight horrified look on Bex's face.


"I'm with Oliver right this minute."

"Oliver?" What the hell was going on? That was the last person she expected to hear him say. "He's with you? What are you two doing?" She stood in the middle of the kitchen watching the steam from the boiling meat rise. The next thing she knew the fire alarm was going off.


Cate said...

Okay, as soon as I read the title I knew Bex wasn't pregnant.
At least she knows that blood stains only come out if you wash them with cold water.
It's great that Oliver and Max are socialising.

autumn said...

that was unexpected. i mean, Ollie and Max. lol. but it's good to know they are socializing, as what Cate just said.

it's good also to know that she's not preggy so she got nothing to worry about.

Bella said...

cant wait to read more!

Paul Pincus said...

"I'm with Oliver right this minute."

i LOVE it!

UmassSlytherin said...

:) I agree with paul: I love it. It is awesome! heheheh. But all I could think of was "are they having sex or just hanging out???" now that would be something! lol
well done! great chapter!


ooh. quite a turn...interesting chapter dear! keepin' up... You have a lovely weekend ok!

Sydney Speel said...

miss debbie's cookies! yum!

Nisey♥Liite said...

i love it, it is getting interesting. uh oh for Bex :)

Kingshuk said...