Oliver hadn't wanted to mention the snake to Bex. It was just as well not to bring up Dayton because often it got her in a tizzy, and she just couldn't come down from her anger and everything was going so smoothly, lately. Some might even find it quite boring. But to Oliver it was beautiful.

He liked the idea of not having to think it was his fault. This hostile territory between Dayton and Bex. It was already there long before he wedged between them. Perhaps all the fussy times was what made Bex and Dayton whole. And as immature and empty as it was, neither had grown because of it. Now that it was over, Oliver felt Bex had somehow become more of who she wanted to be. Perhaps. It wasn't that easy to figure out.

Naturally, she'd been upset when Max asked Oliver if he could take the huge picture of the purple heart he'd found in Oliver's mother's room.

"I'm sure she'd be glad to let you have it," Oliver was shocked that Max would have wanted a simple purple heart on a red back ground that Oliver had painted for his mother. It was a huge painting that took up most of one wall. It was quite majestic and perhaps just what Max needed behind his wobbly pulpit.

Bex had a fit though. "Well, I want that. It's Oliver." Which meant it was hers. Naturally Oliver told her there really wasn't space for it at Bex's and he'd make her one of her own. Downsize it a bit, even.

He had to get to painting it right away so it would ease her that he did remember how much she loved that painting. So she had a purple heart in the livingroom now, and Max had the huge heart behind him at the church.

But Oliver suspected she'd never let it go if he didn't tell her about the Dayton prank and she found out from, well, maybe Dayton about it. He'd never hear the end of it.

"We've had a bit of a snake problem," Oliver told her once they were settled at home even in bed, almost ready for something that wasn't quite sleep.


"Now, its been taken care of," Oliver had his arm around Bex trying to sooth her nerves. "Thankfully, Chris told me what Dayton was up too. Seems there was a big garter snake in Chris' back yard and Dayton let it go through the bathroom window. But I called Max and they caught it."

"What else could he do to us?" It sounds so grim coming from Bex.

"It was just a prank," Oliver told her knowing there was still his sister to worry about, and he liked having something else to think about than her where abouts. "Its not like he's stalking you, you know. Maybe this'll be the last of it."

"I hate him." He heard her voice crack.

"I know. I am sure he'll learn to hate you completely too. Even though I find that a little disturbing, but well, he is Dayton and yes, I understand how you feel about him." He so wanted to kiss away her troubles. But really, he knew there were bigger problems in the world. Yet the longer Izzy stayed away, the more Oliver relaxed to the fact that it had just been a stupid idea that Izzy had ever had a baby. It just didn't exist anymore in his head. Although, the thought of Izzy never coming back still left a cold ache in his heart that he was getting used too.


just Ivy said...

I like that line of where "i'm sure he'll learn to hate you completely..." hahaha..intersting.

taffy. said...



snakes or serpents are not my friends at all...eek! no prank ;)

Psyconym said...

Yeah its like he has quite moved on from Bex so he has to let loose a snake. Like little kids you say they hate each other when they are crushing out on each other.

Hate you completely - the oppositie of love you completely.

autumn said...

Ollie is so sweet and kind. perfect for Bex. but not quite. 'coz he still has his flaws. lol.