finding serenity

Honestly, Oliver wasn't exactly getting the Serenity feel yet. Maybe he was just lacking something. It felt mysteriously sad here. For some reason.

He remembered going to church with his mother who would go in bouts. She'd make him sit when he was small with her instead of children's church. He remembered the laugh he got when the pastor once mentioned "The mighty one." And he'd been all of three or so and he shouted back, "He-man!" Of course, in those days he thought He-man was saying when he held up his sword, "I need a shower!" Instead of, "I am the power!"

Those days were long gone. And he felt a little awkward that he hadn't been more aware then. He was trying so hard now. But it scared him, just the same. What if someone started speaking in tongues or some strange stuff like that. He didn't know what to expect.

No, no he was just going to be very calm. Think of his mother when she was well. Well, before the Parkinson's disease set in, and she went to live with her sister in New Mexico where evidently everything was calm.

He guessed the shaking was just slight now. And the phone calls were far and few between. She didn't want to hear what Izzy had done. Nobody seemed to want to hear that. So he didn't call. Maybe he would this afternoon. Maybe. If he thought about it, again.

But no, the music poured over him and he waited. And waited.

Bex's brother seemed confident and smooth. Pointing out the both of them. They stood up for everyone to look. Thank God, there wasn't a real crowd expecting anything. Now they could sit and listen. Really, he was going to listen. And who knows, maybe he'd be reborn. Yes, reborn. If he were lucky. But he knew luck wasn't always on his side about a lot things.

He just had to be thankful. He was here with Bex. What more could he ask for? All right, he'd even be more thankful if he could keep his job. He'd be so thankful for that.

Oliver chewed at the inside of his cheek. Bex had gripped his hand so long that he thought he might lose circulation. Finally he put his arm around her. Then he just about fell asleep with his eyes open.

Next thing he knew, her brother was saying. "Guide us. Guard us and lead us in the right direction."

Was it over, already?

Oliver caught himself from yawning. He stared about trying his best to be wide awake. His stomach was grumbling. The pancakes hadn't really filled him up all that much.

The offering plate went around then. Oliver dug in his pocket. All he could come up with were two quarters and dime. He finally yawned.

Hopefully, they'd be out of here soon. But then the calling went on for another twenty minutes and then there was praying. Lots of it. He'd hoped he'd missed that part. Evidently not. He was going to have to go to the restroom soon. Actually, for a smoke.

Of course, Brother Max got a few new members out of all his pressing issues of the ever after, and they had to then go shake hands with those who were now a part of the flock. The flock that would replenish the place. Only that didn't look real promising. A pregnant woman, an older fellow with his teeth knocked out who could barely make it down the isle and a young kid who was all of eight or so.

All Oliver really wanted was to go home. Maybe see Nelson, later. But then as he was edging out. Hoping to wait outside, some old woman came up to him out of the blue and asked, "Could you renew my books for me, Sweetie?"

"Of..of course." Only, he had no idea who the patron was.


Stompface said...

thanks for your lovely comment!
It made me smile.

autumn said...

LMAO @ "i need a shower." his thoughts are wandering. lol.

Cate said...

Thanks for your comment! Yes, I noticed that you're uncovering more flaws about Bex too. But I like that. It shows she's not a Mary-Sue.
LOL He-man ^^
Oliver has a really open mind - not only to He-man ^^
I'm always sleeping with my eyes open in church too, although lately I have started to become interested in the sermons.

UmassSlytherin said...

lmao Oliver is so funny. :) hahah such a gentleman to the ladies, event the elderly ones!

I wish he was my boyfriend!

Great chapter!


...nice guy is so hard to find...
indeed, indeed! hope to hear fm you too dear... Continue the plots!

justkyut said...

LOL! that "He-man" made me laugh! I say the same thing when I was a kid, LOL!

I'm still catching up. Nice one Cait