fears and other plans

They'd had a fight. Both of them looked like shit. Dayton liked to keep it that way, for the most part. Something that looked nothing like it was. Because, sometimes, well, most times, the fighting turned into something else. And Dayton still didn't want to admit what it was, but the fact remained...Chris could always give as good as he could take.

And it would have been really good between them. Really, Dayton was coming to that conclusion even if he did sit sulking in front of the TV, watching stupid human tricks regular people really did and usually went to the hospital afterwards.....

But Nancy had came over the night before and stirred up these old feelings of Bex. It was just horrible. She'd seen them together, Bex and Oliver. "All over each other at that party. That party I invited the both of you too," she'd told him. Of course, he never had any intentions of going to that gay party. Just a bunch of dikes and frilly old men as far as he was concerned. But still he guessed he needed to hear it from her because evidently she felt he needed to know. But that wasn't all. She got in his pants too. Funny, the whole time he was going out with Bex he had no idea this stringy haired blond chic who thought she was so Avril Lavigne wanted to hook up with him so badly. Naturally, he didn't mind the blow job which only left him feeling guilty in the end.

Guilt. He hated that feeling. He never wanted to see Nancy again. She'd just made everything worse. He was confused as it was. She was just another number now to add to his equation. What the fuck was he?

"Come out here!" Chris come up to the screen door on the back porch. It was fall, and they'd open up the windows to let in a chill. It was mighty fine sleeping weather.

Dayton didn't budge. He closed his eyes. Really, he wasn't in the mood.

"Come on, got something to show you!" Chris yelled in again from the back porch screen. He had his shirt off, just in his jeans and barefooted. There was something so feral and earthy in his stature. His sweat was sweet like the grass. If there was ever something that could run with the wild, it would be him.

Dayton let out a sigh and watched the TV screen. Then he heard a scream of pain. It was Chris. Dayton clicked off the TV and stomped through the house to see what the hell was going on.

There was big garter snake hanging from Chris's under arm. It had bit him and wouldn't let go.

"What the fuck?"

Chris just laughed. "It doesn't hurt." The snake just hung on. Dayton raced to the kitchen and found an empty peanut butter jar and raced back to Chris. Carefully, unlatched the snake's mouth from Chris's arm. He started to bleed then.

Chris just smiled.

"What in the hell are you gonna do?"

"Don't know." Dayton just stared at the coiled striped snake in the big plastic jar. It was confined now. "That is a fat sucker."

"Ain't she."

"Could be a he." Dayton told him.

"Maybe its gonna have babies," Chris said.

"Is that tick on it?" Dayton squinted. "Never seen that before."

"I wish I knew of some-body's garden we could put that in. Might take care of moles and such." Chris nodded.

"Oh, I got something a whole lot better for this baby." Dayton just grinned.

"Whatcha gonna do?"

"Just some fun." Dayton perked up. He had never felt better. "You gotta take me to Bex's."

"But what if they're home?" Chris knew what he was up too.

"They won't be." Dayton still pretty much knew Bex's schedule, and he knew Oliver spent just about every waking moment these days at the library.

"I don't know." Chris shook his head.

"Get in the goddamn pickup, we're going to Bex's." Dayton knew the screen was off the bathroom window. He wouldn't even have to squeeze in. All he needed was a place for the snake, and he knew her bathroom was a nice start just to make his day.


Psyconym said...

Ok a gater snake sounds pretty dangerous. Got me kind of scared! Good entry, I like your style.

taffy. said...

and i remember nancy!
that ho!

Cady L. Cep said...


I will admit that if I were Dayton, I would fully be tempted to do something like that...

Natalie! said...

If someone put a snake in my bathroom I would freak out. I would basically rip apart the entire room and throw everything everywhere screaming my head off, haha.

I have to agree with Cady though, I would be tempted to do something like that too ;D

ellie's eric said...

That Dayton though..what a guy. I liked the description of Chris out side and all his earthiness..teehee.

autumn said...

darn at Dayton. darn him. argh. lol.