at last

"I see, that didn't go very well," Oliver noticed there were some harsh words he couldn't not listen too. They were going at it in the kitchen. It just didn't seem possible. He'd really wanted to say, he wasn't worth fighting over, but then it was actually nice. Although, he hadn't wanted it to end that way.

He so liked her mother, but evidently, she didn't like him enough to be with Bex.

Maybe it was because he forgot to wear a shirt. Just his suspenders holding up his old kahisis. But he wasn't going to dwell on the way he dressed. They were alone now. It was over.

"Lets not worry about it," he told her taking her hand that wasn't hurt. "Come and see what you think." It was dark now and Oliver was too tired to even think about being hungry. Nelson had left, already. Oliver promised he'd make something for Nelson. Soon.

Actually, Oliver was pretty much pleased with the bookshelf over the bed and the storage spaces he'd pieced together that stretched to the end of room. He just hoped no one would come looking for the lumber now. It looked pretty much like the sketch. He'd surprised himself as well as Nelson, and knew by the expression on Bex's face that she was shocked too.

"Unbelievable," she took it all in even sat on the bed. It was sturdy. "Its so professional. I love it!"

"Really?" He'd never actually seen anything like it before. It just sort of came together on its own. He presumed. Of course, there was a slight ache in his back. He just hoped it all didn't fall on top of them in the middle of the night. He didn't think it would. Nelson's tools had really made it possible, and easy.

"I think I can still paint that table for you, too." He sighed. "Just not tonight. Maybe tomorrow." He was on a roll. He better do it while he still felt like it.

"Its just lovely, you know." She stared at him closely then and smiled. Her lips found his and she touched his chest. Then she pushed off his suspenders. "I really do wonder if it will work," Bex smighed. "I guess we'll have to break it in."

"Of course." It was a test, Olver supposed smiling back Bex, thinking she was just too over dressed for such occasion as he started to unbutton her blouse.

"Bex, have you still not found your bra?" Oliver smirked with a wink.

"I'm not really worried about it," Bex promised.

Oliver licked his dry lips and kissed her softly. They had all night to break in the new bed.


jules said...

i miss your blog. :)nice episode

salve said...

hi, salve here the foodtrip's administrator. doing my regular blog hop. i like your blog

Cate said...

Oliver is such a nice and good person.
Ya, the fact that he wasn't wearing a shirt might have played a role for Bex's mother. If she calls having a relationship without being married "living in sin"...
So glad Bex is grateful for all the work Oliver has invested.

Dapper Kid said...

I agree, Oliver is defo a good guy.

Ivy said...

Nice ending. lov'n ollie.

just Ivy said...

He's a keeper.

UmassSlytherin said...

oliver is so romantic. I wish he was my boyfriend! :(

i'm so jealous of their bexsex!!!!!

great chappie, can't wait for more!!!!


continue this creativity dear... enjoying it...2bcont'd

autumn said...

how sweet. at least, it wasn't really a bad day for them. ^^