a little woe

Oliver didn't want to stop. At least the locksmith had come and went. That was done. The pieces were painted too. Even the bed was in its sturdy box. The bed-springs couldn't be seen now. It was coming together even better than he expected. But there was the bookshelf to get together over the bed and down the sides. Nelson had helped too.

It was the late evening when her mother arrived with some groceries. Oliver was a bit confused what to do. Did he have to stop? Couldn't he keep going? Obviously, she'd come here for Bex, and he guessed she was still hoping for her to give Dayton another chance.

But when he turned from putting pieces together of the bookcase, he heard a sigh. Maybe it wasn't resistance after all.

Her mother was blond instead of brunette. That's what had put him off. He supposed. Of course, her name was different too. Her mother had remarried. It was Sylvia. She always found something good to say about the day. And she was fascinating to chat with about everything. Movies. Music. Books. Even life.

"So its you?" It was a little revelation to the both of them.

He smiled. She was always quite sweet. He couldn't imagine her ever laughing at Bex.

Oliver wasn't sure what to say to that. Was it a horrible fact? Had he suddenly become the enemy? What in the world had Dayton done to woo her so, he wondered. Oliver finally nodded and let it go at that. He kept working. He wanted to get this done before midnight.

He left her mother to Bex. They were talking quietly in the kitchen. He knew Bex was talking about her hand. She just wouldn't stop talking about it.

Why had it happen? Do you think it was on purpose? Why me?

He found it a little funny that she worried so much about it. Worse things could have happened and had happened to him. Obviously, she had never lived with his sister. Everyday was an adventure with Izzy and her outbursts.

Oliver didn't want to think about how he had neglected Izzy. But enough was enough. It was time to start living instead of waiting for her to drag him down and hurt him as well as herself. This was his chance to be alive, and Bex couldn't start dragging her feet now. Could she?


Anonymous said...

thanks i just love the song mad world and i thought it would fit perfectly into the story. If you see part three i used a song part as the quote:)

Cate said...

I once had a friend who was always making up stuff about her mother mistreating her and things, when in fact it wasn't true at all.

Oh God Bex is a drama queen. Sorry. Can't she stop talking about her hand?

And thanks for your comment! I'm happy that you found my last comment on here interesting!!

Dapper Kid said...

Dearie me Bex does love to talk!

Diana Coronado said...

Drama boyss drama girls

Love it !!

autumn said...

agree with Ollie. he and his sister should live by themselves. they got their own lives. lol.