its a start

OK, Oliver wasn't sure where to start at Good Will. He kept staring at the shape of Nelson. This was really going to be difficult.

"Pardon me, but really black might be your color."

"Or purple."

"You like purple?" They walked to the purple section. He wondered if drag queens ever got their rags here. He highly doubted it. They wouldn't dare say if they did. But then Oliver didn't know any drag queens, either. If he did, he would have called one up and said he had someone of interest. But then, he wouldn't want anyone thinking he was interested. Because he wasn't.

Nelson started feeling a purple dress that was silky-like.

"Stop that, before you ruin it. Its a size twelve. You are not a size twelve," Oliver reminded him.

"Don't you just want to touch it?"

Oliver squinted. He wouldn't dare want to tell anyone how he slept with his mother's night gown when he was five or so. It was like a blankey, perhaps. "No." Oliver looked away. He shoved his hands in the pockets of his smooth lined pants. Really he'd prefer just to be in tan kakis and a white t-shirt. He was feeling a bit uncomfortable in his library clothes.

"What you should be thinking about is how you might want to have some body shape of some kind." He stared at Nelson's chest then. He couldn't help but stare. Evidently, it was true, the more you smoked pot the more of chance of creating something oddly not so manly. "You've got man boobs." He told Nelson.

"Man boobs?"


"Should I wear a bra?"


Now Nelson was going to look at the lingere section. Oliver really didn't want to follow him, but he suspected he had too.

Finally, they settled on a size sixteen dress. It wasn't purple, but at least it was black with an empire waist, and it felt right to Nelson. At least the texture, anyway.

"Why wouldn't you buy anything?" Nelson asked as they were leaving and after Oliver told the cashier who barely spoke English that they had to buy clothes for Nelson's twin sister Estelle.

"I have clothes. I don't want a dress." Oliver winced. "Can you give it up?"

"I was hoping we could go out sometime. All dressed up," Nelson looked a little hurt.

"All dressed up?" What was Nelson asking him. "I don't think so."


UmassSlytherin said...

LMFAO!!!!!! oh, cait, you are too much! lololopffftttlolol! I love this so much, I am absolutely in love with Oliver, he is too funny. Oh, I don't even know if old Bex could handle him if given the chance!

I love this scene, I could just picture it in my mind, you have a major talent for this shit!!! well done! This is currently my favorite story! :) Awesome update, can't wait for more! :)

Dapper Kid said...

Loving the story, Oliver is quality!

Liz said...

ROFL!!!!!!! You absolutely HAVE to write the next part, like, now!!!

taffy. said...

hahaha, aww, poor nelson!
and ollie :)

this was wonderful.

Sydney Speel said...

I love this. I have done that before to. When I purposely discuss what I'm buying and for the exact reason because I'm embarrassed by my purchases.

autumn said...

Nelson is too funny. lol. he got a same name as my hubby. oh my. haha.