begin again

There was just this uncertainty Geoff sensed when he felt Dayton's kiss press deeply into the corner of his mouth. He must have been dreaming. This was unexpected... out of nowhere when he got home.

"What is going on with you?" Geoff couldn't help but smile as Dayton smoothed the whiskers down his face. "Are you on something." Dayton was already undressing him in the bedroom.

"I just missed you, you know. Us." Dayton kept his eye on him. As warm and tender as this felt at the moment, Geoff took Dayton's hand before he reached for what was in his pants.

"Hey..just..just slow down." Sure it was thrilling and mesmerizing, but they just couldn't-

"I don't want to." Dayton tensed.

"Are you all right?" Geoff watched as if he didn't know if this was for real or just a way to not face what was really going on. "Are you going to tell me what you did or not?"

Dayton took a step back to do his tantrum, turning away from him as if Geoff put him pure agony. "Why do you say things like that! Why! I didn't, do anything!"

"Well, it feels like it." Geoff buttoned up his shirt. Yes, he'd spoiled the moment. It was three in the afternoon. "Where's Nancy?"

"Buying groceries or something." Dayton still wouldn't look at him. There were possibly tears in Dayton's winced eyes. He hugged himself as if he were in some sort of pain. "How in the hell should I know! She never tells me, anything."

"I'm sorry." Geoff supposed he'd over reacted. He should have just went with it. Thrown caution to the wind. It had been awhile since afternoon sex. He reached for Dayton. He wouldn't dare say, lets start over. It was best to rekindle what he could before it was too late. He pulled Dayton back. "God, just don't ever think for a minute you're not sexy..because, you are."

Geoff tugged Dayton's shirt off of him. Finally, Dayton unbuttoned Geoff's shirt again. He felt Dayton's fingers on his chest now and as they kissed more, nothing else mattered. Not the thunder storm brewing or the car-door slamming too. Yeah, this was definitely a moment worth keeping. Whatever it was that started this in motion, Geoff was glad it had happened.


what it could be

"Just don't listen to her, OK?" Oliver summed it up in one sentence. There was no need for Dayton to be depressed. After all, Oliver knew he was working his ass off with shelving books. "You're a good dad, I've seen it."

He almost saw Dayton's sad face change. But he didn't want to make it so noticeable.

"Really?" Dayton didn't sound to confident about it. His lanky body gaped over the books on the cart.

"Yeah, I mean it." Oliver let a smile spread across his thin face as he  pushed his messy blond hair behind his ear. "Look, I know, its hard. I really do. But you've got Geoff. And..and that baby loves you. OK?"

Dayton just nodded.

"It sucks. I get that. The circumstance. But you gotta look past that. All right? You and Geoff have a family." Oliver so wanted to be inspiring. Of course, he could only do so much. He just wanted to be there for Dayton even if Bex would have a hard time understanding it.

"You're the best, Oliver." Dayton started to smile all over.

Next thing Oliver knew Dayton was kissing him like he was more than just a co-worker he could confide in.

Oliver winced, pushing him off of him there in the stacks of the Mystery fiction in the back of the library.

"OK, I think we took it a little too far there." Oliver cleared his throat. One more thing, he hoped Bex didn't find out about.


takes one to know one

Why? Why was Dayton like this?

He knew something was up. Nancy could sense it by the look he gave her. It was as if he'd walked in on her and Chuck. He knew. He knew what they were doing.

"Why can't you just run away with him?" He was doing his best to match socks and be the roommate he should be.

"Why can't you just..just shut up." She had trouble sometimes saying what she wanted. She looked at him bitterly.

"I don't want too." He looked at her ominous.

"Face it, you are stuck with me, and..and, do I do anything at all to keep you away from Geoff?" She wanted to know.

"You are his goddamn wife." Dayton winced hard and stomped off to the kitchen with the tea towels to put away.

"Jesus, Dayton, you make it sound like a real relationship or something, and you know its just on paper." She followed him into the kitchen.

She knew he was mad. He jerked out a chair and sat down at the table with his hands over his eyes. He was crying. Very discreetly.

"Come on, Dayton, you don't need to be baby-ed, now do you?" She sat down next to him and put her hand on his back. Naturally, he flinched. "Just stop thinking about how awful all this is. What do you want? You want him to marry you."

"I just want you to go away!" He screamed at her then.

"You are a real piece of work, you know that." She squinted in disgust at him. "Seriously, you have anger issues and you should be on meds."

He shook his head, no. It was as if everyone else was sick around him, but not him.

"I just don't know why you have to be this way. I mean, we are a family. A strange one, no doubt. But we have to get along. Think about Trent. Will you?" Her frown swelled as she got up to get back to the laundry.

She folded towels. Finally, he came back to match more socks.

"What are you talking about?" He looked at her as if she hadn't made sense to him.

"I'm just saying, if he sees you, act like you do around me, he's going to start acting just like you. He will. And for sure they'll write him off with a learning problem. Because he can't get along with other. Do you want that?" She looked at him.

He didn't say anything. He nursed his bottom lip then as he put socks in a basket to put away.

There. She had silence. Of course, she didn't know if anything she said was true, but if it could make him think... maybe he'd settle down and Nancy wouldn't wish he was the one she hoped would leave.


hit and miss

"I'd kind of just like for her to go away." Dayton found himself saying to Max.

"That doesn't sound good," Max said looking back at Dayton who was suppose to be helping him with some cleaning at the church.

"Of course, it doesn't. Its just, you know, I think everyone needs a chance on their own. She should just go away with Chuck. We'd have Trent, all the time. It would be so easy." Dayton shrugged who was cleaning down the pew.

"You have to learn to compromise."

"Compromise my ass!" His words echoed through the church. "That's all I do."

"You have to stop thinking about it so much." Max looked at him. They were alone. Just the two of them.

"I know. I try." He sat down in the pew as if he might have a moment with the lord, right now. "Geoff, its all his fault. He should have never married her in the first place."

"But then you'd never have Trent with you." Max reminded him.

"OK, I know. How come it works that way? Good things coming out of bad situations." Dayton sighed.

"You have not embraced the situation." Max told him as he took the dust mop one more round by the choir area.

"Yeah, I'm not really much of an embracer, if you've noticed." Dayton looked at Max then.

"You are too. Look at you and Trent. That is amazing, in its self. I was so sure you were not going to handle that at all. And you did. You are a great father. You are, and you can't deny that. Its just you have to have some faith. Geoff needs you. He loves you. This is what you have to remember. Some things you just can't change. You've got to adapt. And I know you have it in you, to do so."

Dayton just nodded. He wished he could absorb every word Max said, again and again, but he seemed to have forgot what Max said ,after the line You are a great father.